Ogilvy Jump MemoryFoam HalfPad [REVIEW]

Two months ago, I managed to get my hands on the famous Ogilvy Jump MemoryFoam HalfPad finally 😀

I did try my friends one for about a month before deciding to purchase one of my own as I was not sure if the price ($200) was worth the product.

Ogilvy pads come in different sizes, colours, shapes, and thickness. I personally got mine in the Jumper style, Regular, and 1″ thick.



  • Anti-slip
  • V-Shape: special protection for the withers and the back.
  • Maximum breathability, moisture wicking
  • Superior Shock absorption
  • No rubbing, no friction
  • Distributes pressure
  • Anti-microbial and anti-fungal
  • Stain resistant
  • Improved saddle fit
  • Quick dry

Deciding the colour was hard in itself as the options are absolutely stunning! I tend to go for neutral colours in order to match and our main two are always navy and grey.

This also matches our DLC bonnet . The reason I went with the 1″ thickness is due to the fact that my saddle is custom made to fit Tofino, so I just wanted a shock absorbent rather than a saddle fix. I was nervous that it might be too thick for him as I am used to the very slim Thinline which I had been using for years!

The 1″ seems to fit Tofino really nicely without altering saddle fit.

IMG_4930  IMG_4938

The material is so soft and velvety I am in love!! The top-line of the pad has free space for the spine, and velcro closures to put additional shims if needed, or remove the cover for washing or changing to a different cover colour. As for the underside, so far, it only comes in black but is super fluffy. I have been using it for two months straight, and there is no sign of wear and tear. My friend has had hers for a year and still looks as new as mine, thus making the quality is impeccable.

IMG_4931 IMG_4924 IMG_4933

Ogilvy’s are VERY customizable. The grey colour I chose does not show dust which is a great bonus.  You get to choose whether you want a single piping with the price or pay for an additional piping. I chose to stick to the traditional white one that already comes in the price and the navy binding.

I did get mine embroidered with my initials so as to not confuse it with other ogilvy owners. I chose to do it the same colour as the pad so it turns out subtle and barely visible.


Functionality, I can honestly say that it lived up to my expectations and not only does it relieve pressure off your horses back, but also off the rider! All riders generally have back pain; it is inevitable with the sport. Riding with an ogilvy pad however, felt like riding on a cloud. No joke! the relief and comfort felt was amazing! I could not believe I waited this long to get my hands on one. If it does this for me as a rider, I can’t imagine how Tofino feels haha


Now down to the more troubling parts. I do find that Tofino’s back does get sweaty after a ride while having the ogilvy on, so I am not sure how the breathability aspect falls into place. It never used to sweat much with my Thinline, however it does so with the ogilvy. I am guessing this is due to the memory foam taking form on the horses back? Not sure,… That being said, he does not have a sore back or sore spots, just sweats. This makes my numnah slip a little.

Although the pad is said to be non slippery, which I do agree on, as it stays in the same position you place it on your numnah, however, the numnah tends to slip due to the sweat on the horses back, which I never experienced before using the Thinline.

So now, I close my girth in a certain way where one strap is outside of the billet straps on the numnah, and one strap is inside.  This tends to secure the saddle pad more.


Pros: Cons:

  Multiple colour options

• Multiple thickness options

  Super comfortable

•  Shock absorbing

•  Great quality

•   Expensive

•  Heats the back

•  Not  breathable


Verdict: I would definitely  recommend the Ogilvy Jump MemoryFoam HalfPad anytime! I can’t believe it has taken me this long to even try it. I love that it is not only fully customizable, but also actually really works for both rider and horse.


Prestige Italai x Michel Robert saddle for sale


  • 17″ seat
  • Tobacco brown with contrast stitching 
  • Shoulder free technology
  • Adjustable (to narrower or wider) 
  • Latex panels (lighter, form to any horse, and do not need to be reflcoked)
  • 33.5 width but can be adjusted
  • LUX leather (thick and tough) 
  • Mint condition no wear and tear 

Contact me for additional info at either of the following:

HUGE GIVEAWAY! ft. Eddiesgun91 + Cavalos + eQuestri

Hi guys!
So Lauren (@eddiesgun91) and I are doing a huge giveaway all thanks to eQestri and Cavalos UAE !
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Stretch Your Horse App

As important as stretching is for us after exercise, the same goes to horses.
Stretching your horse’s muscles will enhance performance and reduce the possibility of an injury.
I have previously written a post on “Warming Up &  Cooling Down you Horse” in order slowly get your horse moving before and after proper riding. In addition to warm up and cool down, you can also help your horse to better their performance by following multiple stretching techniques. These are carefully written and recorded by an application called Stretch Your Horse which is designed to teach viewers how to safely and effectively stretch their horse’s muscles anytime and anywhere.
Note: Stretching should only be done on warm muscles.  If you warm up your horse in the saddle, this means you should stretch your horse after you ride.

Benefits of Stretching:
  • Enhances sensory nerve endings (for muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints) 
  • Prevent injury (reduce risk of muscle & tendon injury) 
  • Increase suppleness & elasticity
  • Improve circulation
  • Relieve pain, inflammation, muscle spasms
  • Avoid stiff/sore muscles
  • Relieve joint (as you extent contracted muscle to their position it relieves stress off ligament that is attached to joint) 
  • Promote relaxation

[For more information, check out: Stretching your horse benefits and guidelines]

Stretch Your Horse App features the following:
  • No internet connectivity or cell service needed after the initial download  
  • Each video is downloaded separately and resides on smartphone
  • Download on wi-fi to avoid data plan usage and charges (strongly recommended)
  • Cost effective because rider only downloads specific stretch videos their horse needs
  • Great for riders of all experience levels and non-riders too
  • All stretches done from the ground


The application is very easy to navigate and has numerous videos on a wide range of sections that cover your horse’s body. The app comes with 3 free videos.  You are able to review each video and give your feedback.  There is a small purchase fee ($1.99 USD) for each video. This is easy on the pocket and enables the rider to customize purchases based on their horse’s specific needs.  Personally, I would rather buy all 22 videos at once for convenience, but not everyone would want to do that.


The images and writings are very clear and straight forward, making it accessible for those with no scientific background with regards to horses.  The loading time does depend on your internet speed, but once it is loaded it saves into the app which allows you to access it anytime without having to use data again.


You can purchase the app for just $2.99, and get 3 free videos.  Most of the other videos cost only $1.99.  Customize your video purchases.  Buy only the stretches your horse needs.


Click image to preview
​ App and download to your iPhone.  (You must do this from your phone.)


Click image to preview App and download to your Android phone.  (You must do this from your phone.)

HorZe Blaire Long-Sleeved Functional Show Shirt [REVIEW]

Looking for affordable sophisticated riding shirts that are functional and breathable is pretty difficult until I came across the HorZe Blair Long-Sleeved Functional Show Shirt and fell in love!

They can be purchased from DubaiPetfood or TackShop.ae for only 150AED and come in a number of great  colours:

  • Breathable high quality show shirt
  • Can be converted to a more casual training shirt
  • Nanotex® fabric has UV protection SPF 30+
  • Metal press buttons at chest and cuffs
  • Piping lined inside
  • Crisp white collar for show when neck area is closed
  • Fitted sides and arms for a custom fit

Main fabric: functional 100% polyester Nanotex® fabric, UV protection UPF 30+. Mesh details: polyamide/elastane, woven details: 100% cotton.

I have been using my Blaire shirt for training for the past few months and absolutely love it. It not only looks neat and elegant, but is also breathable and lightweight. The material has UV protection, making it great for the summer. The arms are very slightly too long and a bit baggy, but I prefer to have that freedom of movement. I do find the top to be slightly short, coming out when tucked in while wearing low rise breeches. They are fine on mid or high-rise breeches though.

Worn with the B Vertigo Kimberly breeches

The detailing and structure is impeccable, with pearl like buttons on the cuffs and an elegant cut. The collar can either be worn as a high neck for shows or a collar for training. This versatility allows for the usage of the shirt in the show ring or riding arena. The inside of the collar has blue lining for all the shirt colours. I am personally a big fan of the metal press buttons rather than the traditional ones as these are much easier to open and close.


The inside of the arm is includes a mesh material which allows for air flow and quick dry. I have been using this for months and the mesh is still very intact. The good thing is that the mesh is hidden and barely shows unless someone is really paying attention. This I find is positive as it gives it a more professional look. That being said, sweating is inevitable in UAE’s heat so even though this does keep me cool, sweat marks still show on the baby blue colour but not the navy.

On the other hand, I realized there was a difference in size with my Navy and my Baby Blue colour. The baby Blue came somewhat wider and bigger than the Navy even though they are the same size.


This makes the baby blue colour more a more boxy shape and a bigger fit than the navy. This is disappointing honestly as it shouldn’t be the case. Especially when it comes to riding, you feel every difference in riding and moving around. Generally I wouldn’t mind, but it really does feel less comfortable and the fitted navy especially on hot humid days.

Pros: Cons:


• Breathable (mesh)


•  Comfortable stretchy material

•  Great detail

•  Multipurpose

•  Metal press buttons 

•   A little long on the arms

•  A little baggy on the arms

•  Size is not consistent 

•  No dark colours available (eg. black, maroon, grey)

Verdict: I would recommend this shirt as it is truly great value for money. Absolutely love it and I am planning on getting them in additional colours. HOWEVER, I would suggest trying them on before purchasing, even if you already know your size.

Hope this helps 🙂

B Vertigo Kimberley Breeches [REVIEW]

I got these breeches last year, first time trying B Vertigo, so I was hesitant but the detail and fabric won me over.

The B Vertigo Kimberely Breeches come in both knee patch and full seat, however, I will only be reviewing the knee patch as it is the pair I have.


  • 4-way stretch
  • Contrasting leg stripe
  • Elegant back pocket embroidery
  • Quality-made for durability and long lasting use
  • Breathable
  • Moisture-wicking material

BV Cool-Power Fabric: Materials: 79% Tactel, 16% Coolmax, 5% Elastane.

I did find that they are true to size. They are on the pricey side, however, you can get them on sale at certain times. They can be ordered either from www.TackShop.ae or www.DubaiPetFood.com

(click to enlarge)

The breeches fit very neatly and feel super comfortable on and off the horse. They have two front pockets and back pockets which are all deep enough to fit your phone. The detailing is so precise and beautiful. I am in love with the contrast stitching. There is a double hook button closure on the waist, a medallion on the front belt loop, and a metal logo plate on the belt loop (which can’t be seen here but is shown in the pic above).


The belt loop width is around 2″ which I find very comfortable. That being said, I do only own 1.5″ belts but it still looks fine. The material is breathable and super comfortable especially in this heat and humidity. I see no sign of wear and tear so far, and they have not stretched or shrunk.

The knee patch is not functional and is only there for design. I do find that the breeches are loose starting from under the knee. I am not sure if this is due to me having smaller calves and ankles than normal or other’s have the same issue.

They have a sock bottom which most modern riding pants have, but I personally prefer velcro as I can adjust the tightness.

Pros: Cons:


•  Super comfortable

•  Good fit

•  Great detail 

•  Functional pockets

•   Pricey side

•  Loose from knee to ankle

•  Sock ankle ( I prefer adjustable velcro)

Verdict: I would definitely recommend these breeches as they are really comfortable and durable which is surprising for Dubai’s hot sticky weather. Although they do not fit me well from knee downwards, I still love them heaps!