Veredus GUARNIERI Short boots & Chaps REVIEW

I got these Veredus short boots and chaps two years ago for my birthday and have been using them ever since for shows and everyday schooling. I wear my normal ariats for barn chores so i don’t ruin these in the paddock/mud/water etc.

I got them from a local tack store here in the UAE called Al Sakb Equestrian

Here is a picture of how the chaps and boots look like online, and on me.

Veredus_Duetto_LargeVeredus-Soprano-1-600DSC_3151  DSC_9044

I have VERY narrow ankles and there are NO long boots that fit me unfortunately and a lot of short boots are too wide for me on the ankles. These veredus boots however are perfectly narrow and slim. You can see a little bagginess but that is inevitable for non custom items in the horse world as we all know.

I wear a size 7.5US (5UK, 38.5EUR) in Ariats, but i got a size 38 in Veredus. They fit snug, SUPER comfy i can wear them all day and i never had to break them in. My chap size is Small Long.

They have good grip at the bottom makes me feel secure while riding. The chaps leather rather soft, but the boots are well constructed. I clean them once a week with specific boot polish (NOT saddle polish as they make boots too soft).

For the first year they were amazing, then, they obviously get looser and looser. The logo started to rust, the elastics began to pop out, and the tips of the boots began to lighten as you can see below:


So to sum up

*great grip
*super classy
*very comfortable
*good price

*logo rusts
* Elastics pop out

Would i purchase this again? NO. For shows i think they are nice and would last a while, but i would rather go for long boots or paddock boots that are waterproof.

Ultra ThinLine Half pad REVIEW

My horse has been suffering from chronic back pain since before i got him. I custom made a prestige saddle for him (i’ll do a review on that soon!) and did some deep research into half pads that assist with shock absorbing and reducing sore spots.

I came across this ultra thinline pad in natural colour and medium size (fits to 17.5″ saddles) which i decided to order from the Thinline website


I must say, this pad has helped immensely in my horses  movement and i felt a great difference with his attitude too!

It is super thin, doesn’t really alter a saddles fit (if you use a thin saddle pad), and the sheepskin rolls are very flattering:

photo 2-6 thinline pad

*Please note that the saddle in these pictures is NOT my prestige, but an old unnamed brand*

Trifecta: Cotton Ultra ThinLine Half Pad with Sheepskin Rolls is an open cell foam pad with a cotton underside and Sheepskin Rolls possessing multiple benefits previously unknown to equestrians.

Ultra ThinLine Saddle Pads:

  • Prevents injury to horse and rider backs.
  • Improves rider equitation
  • Creates Better Saddle Fit without shimming or with shimming (comfort pads only).
  • The MOST Durable Product on the market
  • The Life Span of a Basic ThinLine pad is typically 7 to 10 years.
  • Unlike neoprene, ThinLine will Never generate heat and has never caused a skin reaction in horses.
  • Unlike gel, ThinLine is Lightweight, Breathable and WILL NOT Move away from pressure points.
  • Trusted by FEI Veterinarians, Equine Chiropractors, Equine Massage Therapists, UK Society of Master Saddlers and Top Equestrians.

You can also find this pad at adams horse supplies for for only $157.50/ 578.5 AED!

Overall thoughts:

*eliminates sore spots
*free-er horse movements
*great look
*great quality
*long lasting (7-10yrs according to thinline)
*doesn’t generate heat

*3 colour options (white, black, natural)

*probably a bit expensive but what isn’t in the equestrian world?!
*can only order online from the UAE.