Ultra ThinLine Half pad REVIEW

My horse has been suffering from chronic back pain since before i got him. I custom made a prestige saddle for him (i’ll do a review on that soon!) and did some deep research into half pads that assist with shock absorbing and reducing sore spots.

I came across this ultra thinline pad in natural colour and medium size (fits to 17.5″ saddles) which i decided to order from the Thinline website


I must say, this pad has helped immensely in my horses  movement and i felt a great difference with his attitude too!

It is super thin, doesn’t really alter a saddles fit (if you use a thin saddle pad), and the sheepskin rolls are very flattering:

photo 2-6 thinline pad

*Please note that the saddle in these pictures is NOT my prestige, but an old unnamed brand*

Trifecta: Cotton Ultra ThinLine Half Pad with Sheepskin Rolls is an open cell foam pad with a cotton underside and Sheepskin Rolls possessing multiple benefits previously unknown to equestrians.

Ultra ThinLine Saddle Pads:

  • Prevents injury to horse and rider backs.
  • Improves rider equitation
  • Creates Better Saddle Fit without shimming or with shimming (comfort pads only).
  • The MOST Durable Product on the market
  • The Life Span of a Basic ThinLine pad is typically 7 to 10 years.
  • Unlike neoprene, ThinLine will Never generate heat and has never caused a skin reaction in horses.
  • Unlike gel, ThinLine is Lightweight, Breathable and WILL NOT Move away from pressure points.
  • Trusted by FEI Veterinarians, Equine Chiropractors, Equine Massage Therapists, UK Society of Master Saddlers and Top Equestrians.

You can also find this pad at adams horse supplies for for only $157.50/ 578.5 AED!

Overall thoughts:

*eliminates sore spots
*free-er horse movements
*great look
*great quality
*long lasting (7-10yrs according to thinline)
*doesn’t generate heat

*3 colour options (white, black, natural)

*probably a bit expensive but what isn’t in the equestrian world?!
*can only order online from the UAE. 


6 thoughts on “Ultra ThinLine Half pad REVIEW

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