Competition Apparel Wishlist

Competition season is just around the corner!.. well in the middle east at least where competition season is only in winter as it is too hot in the summer.

I don’t compete anymore due to an accident, but one can dream can’t they?? If i were to ever compete again i would LOVE to have these:

Spooks Show jacket (navy): “Specially engineered fabric designed to wick moisute away from the body and keep the rider cool and dry with strecth to provide extraordinary comfort and ease of movement.”

blueshowjacket-500x500 showjacketblueclose-500x500

Equiline Ash Breeches + Equiline one belt: Woman breeches with X-Grip knee patch. They provide the highest stability on the saddle thanks to the new grip control technology granting the maximum comfort and freedom of motion. The Waist-Block system grants an optimal fitting on the Waist. The stretch fastening system on the bottom provides a perfect adherence of the breeches on the leg without the necessity of the Velcro regulation.”

Update: I tried these and didn’t end up liking them on me 😦

630_450_N08525 Ash N08525 Ash_d1

Cavalleria Toscana long sleeved technical shirt with bib in blue: This style is made in a flattering stretch cotton comfort fabric with a delicate white bib detail.”

Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 7.56.41 PM Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 7.56.45 PM


Franco Tucci Monica boots: “Tall boot in black leather with patent toe cap and top band outline, and stylized whipholder with crystals”

124842988633-2 photo-11

Just living the dream…through the internet..
So what would your dream outfit be? or reality one that you have and love

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