Kingsland Sport Nylon Halter vs Lamicell Fleece Halter REVIEW

Halters, also known as head collars, are a necessity when it comes to horses. There are many different types of halters from rope, to nylon to leather.

I personally like to use fleece lined halters to avoid any rubs on my horse. I used to use a fleece lined LamiCell halter (which seems to be discontinued now) for two years before switching to Kingsland this year for Tofino’s birthday simply because it looked and felt better. It is such  pretty head collar i absolutely love it. It’s  very flattering and can be used for shows and at home.

I still use my Lami-cell for light lunging, clipping, beach…well let’s just say at times where i don’t want to ruining the kingslands. I feel like the lami-cell is tougher, as expected from the brand, and the kingsland is also tough in a more luxurious way.

Lami-cell vs Kingsland (both in navy and silver hardware):
Tofino with Navy Lami-cell halter (full size):

photo 1-5photo 2-4photo 3-5

Lami-cell halter Pros:

  • Super durable
  • Comes with lead rope
  • Affordable

Lami-cell halter Cons:

  • Fleece hardens with time
  • Decent appeal
  • Hardware rusts over time
  • Colour fades with time (started as navy, became purplish & tealish as seen below)

Tofino with Navy Kingsland halter (full size):
photo 2-5photo 5-3photo 3-6photo 4-3

Kingsland halter Pros:

  • Very appealing 
  • Soft
  • Durable
  • Comes with lead rope
  • Beautiful shade of Navy
  • No rusting

Kingsland  halter Cons:

  • Pricey (but i got it on sale)
  • Colour fades

IMG_8546   IMG_8548


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