Kingsland Classic Technical Riding Gloves REVIEW

Yes, as you probably have noticed I am a kingsland fanatic, and that is solely due to the reason that their products never disappoint me.

I’ve had these Kingsland Classic Technical Riding Gloves for three years and I absolutely adore them!! They come in either Black or White and range from XXS-XXL.


  • Breathable material with stretch
  • Quick dry
  • Extremely durable
  • Non slip synthetic leather anatomically placed for a better grip
  • Kingsland logo embroidered on velcro flaps
  • 60% Synthetic Leather, 40% Multidirectional Stretch Fabric

KLC-AC-607_090 KLC-AC-607_090_B KLC-AC-608_000 KLC-AC-608_000_B

I can vouch for the above specs being true. My gloves are pretty old as mentioned above, 3 years, and i wear them for riding and lunging. Mine are a size S and i normally wear a size 7 in gloves:

kl gloves

3  photo 5-3

Note: they look shiny in the bottom pictures due to the flash

They retail here for 250 AED ($US 68)  from Al Sakb Equestrian. And honestly, I have tried other brands but these are the only gloves that I felt were the best to the point where i brought an extra pair just incase something happens to the ones i currently have! They do have two small open spaces between the last two fingers for extra breathability. This is not a fault, the holes are intended by Kingsland, and they barely show. It does give you that extra bit of breeze through your hands.



  • Great grip
  • Elegant
  • Very durable
  • Breathable
  • Washable
  • short cuff
  • Slim
  • Comes in white
  • Touch screen friendly


  • Only comes in 2 colours
  • Pricey


4 thoughts on “Kingsland Classic Technical Riding Gloves REVIEW

  1. Better than Roeckl pro Grip or not? I have the Roeckl on and they aren’t durable, but very comfortable. So I don’t really know what to choose next.


    • Hi Tania, I have also tried Roeckl pro grip and don’t find them to be durable what so ever. I do prefer KL over Roeckl any day. Let me know how you like them when you try them ✌🏼️


    • I forgot to add Tania than even though I would prefer KL any day, this is with regards to training and everyday riding. I still would use Roeckl for shows or every now and then as they do have great grip but they are not too durable so my suitable for everyday.


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