Importance of Tendon Boots

When i first got Tofino, i recognized a scar on his suspencory ligament. His previous owner told me it was from when he was younger where he jumped out of the paddock and injured his leg because he had no tendon boots on. He did have surgery and fully recovered from it.

This shows how truly fragile a horses tendon is; making horse boots crucial whether it is just for turnout, riding, lunging or hacking. They not only protect your horses tendon but also absorb  the shock impact from when the hooves hit the ground.

I found a video online that is very interesting talking about why a horse should wear boots and virtually shows you what happens to a horses leg when they run without protection:

As you saw, when under strain, a tendon can rupture at the slightest of pressures.

There are a large variety of horse boots in the market nowadays ranging from cross country boots, show jumping, dressage, support boots and your regular turn out boots.

I personally use Hampa Pro open front tendon and fetlock boots from Al Sakb Equestrian for now. They are hard shell with soft cushioning inside which is important:

The traditional boots in the image above are alright for normal work. You would need to look into a more expensive type of boot for better shock absorption and ventilation such as the ones Veredus, Eskadron and Prestige Italia make along with other high end brands.

My dream boots are obviously the brown CARBON GEL “VENTO” Veredus boots with:

• Double ventilation.
• Tendon protection in carbon + nitrexgel.
• Quick-release tip.
• Anatomically-shaped shell.

veredus tendon bootsProd2657_Image2


Important to Note:

  • When fastening horse boots, be sure to use even pressure on each strap as you work your way down the leg. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully for your type of boots, and be careful not to over-tighten them.
  • Remove boots from your horse’s legs as soon as possible after your workout to allow any accumulated heat to escape and to allow the skin and hair to dry.
  • Keeps the boots clean and free of accumulated dirt, grime and sweat which can be irritating to a horse’s sensitive skin.
  • Bandages are traditionally used for injuries and tendon swelling and do NOT protect your horses tendons enough when in work so please consider getting boots if you do not own any.

Keep safe 🙂 !

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