Equus Unlimited Tack HAUL

YAY received my package from Equus Unlimited Tack Shop this weekend. I was surprised the items fit into this small parcel:


1. Equine Couture Diamond Quilted Suede Belt with Diagonal Line: I got this belt to fit into my 2″ waist equine couture breeches.
Size: Small 2″ Wide
Colour: Black

photo 1-10

2. Equine Couture Brittni Knee Patch Breeches: I already have a black pair of these breeches and LOVE them. So i decided to order another colour too.
Size: 26 US
Colour: Lava Brown

photo 5-7
 photo 4-7 photo 1-8

3. Equine Couture Tynsley Knee Patch Breeches: I am so glad these fit and look perfectly!
Size: 26 US
Colour: Black


4. Ovation V-Style Half Moon Nickel Clincher: I have been looking for a brown and silver brow band that’s not too flashy for my boy and i am so glad i found this. Only disappointment is that it isn’t padded. I can’t wait to try it on Tofino though.
Size: Horse
Colour: Brown & Nickel

  photo 3-8
photo 4-6 photo 5-6

Now I initially ordered 3 equine couture breeches and not 2, however, one is still on back order which they only informed me in a note in the package. I was not too happy about it, but i don’t mind waiting.

Which of these products do you like the most?

The Necessity & Safety of Hacking

Taking your horse out on hacks is very important for not only their mind but also yours. Hacking does not necessarily mean ” day off” or light work. It can be extensive and used to help build your horses muscles whilst going up and down hill/dunes and to strengthen their hooves as you are walking on a variety of terrain.

As mentioned in other posts, my horse is barefoot. His hooves got stronger from walking on the different roads and asphalts from stoney, to concrete to sand. When he was first barefoot he used to limp through and be extra careful. I never went for too long on these roads as I am sure it’s uncomfortable when they’re first removed of shoes. However, with time, his hooves got stronger and stronger and our hacks can go for more than an hour, depending on the weather. The amazing thing about horse hooves is that they adapt so quickly to their environment. Be sure not so push your horse though so they don’t get foot sore or lame.

IMG_7533 IMG_7535
Hacking hours for here, Dubai, are mostly sunrise and sunset, which is when the weather is at it’s best for riding. You can hack alone if your horse is confident. If not, then I would suggest hacking with another horse and rider that you know for a fact has a calm horse. If their horse is spooky out on the trails then most likely, your horse will spook too.

IMG_8668 IMG_7523
I know this is hard to do but try to keep loose reins on your horse so they can relax. The more tense you are the more tense they will be. Now keeping a loose rein does not mean fully letting go. Always keep a contact.


If you have hills or dunes in your area try to go up and down them as much as possible in walk. This helps your horse use muscles that he doesn’t use in normal arena work. Therefore, it helps them build muscles especially for their back and hind legs. As i mentioned in a previous post, Tofino used to have a sore back. The more i hacked him up and down dunes, again only at a walk and sometimes a trot if it’s not too steep, helped him gain a lot of back muscle which relieves soreness in time.

When your horse gets used to the trails and walking outside, then you can possibly try going bareback. This also helps them especially if you have an ill fitting saddle. It’s good to give them a break in that sense. However, again, always remember to keep a contact.


Things to remember:

  • Always wear a helmet!
  • Always keep a contact with the reins
  • Wear reflective gear (for you or your horse)
  • Always carry your phone
  • Make sure at least somebody knows you went for a hack
  • Always use tendon and fetlock boots on your horse
  • Take your time
  • Stay relaxed and calm
  • Always carry a whip incase wild dogs or a stranger try to harm you
  • Only canter/gallop your horse if the ground is good (never on deep sand)
  • Walk/trot up dunes to help build muscles
  • Avoid highways/ main roads
  • Hack at least once or twice a week

Happy hackings 🙂 !

Cashel Crusader Fly Mask REVIEW

I was searching for a good fly mask for Tofino for a VERY long time. I used a cheap local one from our local tack store for 3 years but he always managed to remove it from his face constantly as you can see below (click to enlarge):


I tried the Equilibrium Field Relief Midi Fly mask but i found it to be either too big or too small for Tofino and was rather short. After reading on the different options online, i settled on the Cashel Fly mask.

I brought the Animal Rescue Fly Mask with Ears which from Adams Horse Supplies for only $20.95 USD/77AED, where 5% of the proceedings go to animal rescue organizations which i found to be an amazing idea. They have other ranges which help other foundations such as the pink one which goes to breast cancer research.

I absolutely love the colours and the fact that it has a forelock opening.
(click to enlarge)
photo 4-5

The Cashel Crusader Fly Mask encompasses specific details in design and fit that not only offer the BEST in fly protection and comfort, but also provides a safe alternative to toxic sprays and pesticides. Soft vinyl coated polyester mesh blocks 70% of the sun’s damaging UV rays and protects the sensitive soft tissues of the eyes and face. Choose your protection level – with or without ears.

Unique Features Include:

  • Patented, one-of-a-kind forelock hole keeps forelock hair outside the mask and out of your horse’s eye.
  • Super soft form-fitting micro mesh cap will not rub and helps the mask to stay cool.
  • Unique double dart stitching keeps the mesh away from the eyes and temples.

The fly mask comes in many different sizes ranging from: Foal/Miniature, Weanling/Small Pony, Yearling/Large Pony, Small Quarter Horse/Arab/Cob, Horse, Warmblood or Draft.

I measured Tofino and got the Quarter Horse/Arab/Cob using the Cashel fitting guide as seen below (click to enlarge):

It fits him perfectly which i was so happy about and he never removes his mask anymore. It has a very secure double Velcro system which seems to be fairly strong. These masks are machine washable and I have already washed them once with no damage.

The orange animal rescue mask is also reflective which is great for gloomy days.
(click to enlarge)
photo 3-7   photo 2-9

I did however notice loose stitching coming out within the first week of getting the mask. However, i believe it is due to a bad set that i  received rather than the actual mask itself as there has been no further damage.
(click to enlarge)
photo 1-8   photo 3-8


  • Perfect Fit
  • UV protection
  • Ears
  • Forelock opening
  • Reflective
  • Double velcro
  • Great colour
  • % of proceeding goes to charity
  • Affordable
  • Eye clearance 
  • Machine washable
  • Fleece lining


  • My piece has loose stitching in one area
  • Gets dirty easily


Favorite Online Tack Stores / Shops

A lot of people ask me where I order my things from as I tend to purchase many things online that cannot be found here in the UAE, so, I decided to post a list of my favorite online stores in alphabetical order.

Note: I do have Aramex shop and ship which makes international shipping a lot cheaper 

Importance of Hoof Grease/Ointment + Plusvital Hoof Care REVIEW

Regardless of the condition your horses hooves are at, whether they are great or horrible, hoof grease/ointment is crucial in wet weather or before bathing.

What hoof grease or ointments do is repel water from your horses hooves. This is different to what hoof oils do as they claim to be used to prevent dry and cracking hooves (on going debate), and most hoof oils are also used for the show ring for extra shine.

Too much moisture (wet paddocks, arenas, stalls, showers) on your horses hooves can lead to different disease such as Thrush and Whitline, which Tofino suffers from, but not severely thank goodness.

Even though Dubai is very hot, it is extremely humid which makes our grass paddocks wet and causes the horses to sweat more, therefore, needing a shower after working.

I have been using Plusvital Hoof care for just over a year now and on a daily basis. Plusvital is:

An aid in the treatment and prevention of cracking & shelly hooves. Plusvital Hoofcare prevents undue drying out or alternatively in wet underfoot conditions it prevents the hoof becoming too soft.

I apply it every morning covering the entire hoof (inside and out , including frog) before grass paddock turn outs and every time before i give my horse a shower or a bath with a hoof grease brush.

plus vital 
hoof brush 2

Before and after application:
photo 1-8 photo 1-10

After bathing (you can see water droplets being repelled from the hoof):
photo 2-9

I buy my Plusvital bucket from a tack shop in Sharjah called City Knights. The grease comes in either an aluminum bucket or a plastic one. I prefer getting the plastic one as it is MUCH easier to open and close.


  • Repels water
  • Easy application
  • Doesn’t dry hoof
  • Doesn’t soften hoof
  • It actually works!


  • Strong smell

I am on my 3rd bucket now and will continue to purchase Plusvital hoof care.

Bathing Bucket TOUR!

Bathing a horse is necessary to not only keep them clean, but to prevent some skin conditions too, especially in the summer months. So i decided to do a tour for you guys to view what i have inside my bathing bucket for Tofino.

Note that it is not necessary to bathe your horse everyday or even every week, but when necessary.

My bathing bucket consists of the following:

1. Ace Hardware Bucket
2. Sweat Scraper
3. Ecolicious Squeaky Green Shampoo
4. Ecolicious Silky Conditioner
5. Currycomb hand mitt (after applying shampoo)
6. Brush Sponge (which i use to apply shampoo)
7. Sponge

photo 2-8 photo 3-7