Importance of Hoof Grease/Ointment + Plusvital Hoof Care REVIEW

Regardless of the condition your horses hooves are at, whether they are great or horrible, hoof grease/ointment is crucial in wet weather or before bathing.

What hoof grease or ointments do is repel water from your horses hooves. This is different to what hoof oils do as they claim to be used to prevent dry and cracking hooves (on going debate), and most hoof oils are also used for the show ring for extra shine.

Too much moisture (wet paddocks, arenas, stalls, showers) on your horses hooves can lead to different disease such as Thrush and Whitline, which Tofino suffers from, but not severely thank goodness.

Even though Dubai is very hot, it is extremely humid which makes our grass paddocks wet and causes the horses to sweat more, therefore, needing a shower after working.

I have been using Plusvital Hoof care for just over a year now and on a daily basis. Plusvital is:

An aid in the treatment and prevention of cracking & shelly hooves. Plusvital Hoofcare prevents undue drying out or alternatively in wet underfoot conditions it prevents the hoof becoming too soft.

I apply it every morning covering the entire hoof (inside and out , including frog) before grass paddock turn outs and every time before i give my horse a shower or a bath with a hoof grease brush.

plus vital 
hoof brush 2

Before and after application:
photo 1-8 photo 1-10

After bathing (you can see water droplets being repelled from the hoof):
photo 2-9

I buy my Plusvital bucket from a tack shop in Sharjah called City Knights. The grease comes in either an aluminum bucket or a plastic one. I prefer getting the plastic one as it is MUCH easier to open and close.


  • Repels water
  • Easy application
  • Doesn’t dry hoof
  • Doesn’t soften hoof
  • It actually works!


  • Strong smell

I am on my 3rd bucket now and will continue to purchase Plusvital hoof care.

2 thoughts on “Importance of Hoof Grease/Ointment + Plusvital Hoof Care REVIEW

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