KBF99 Health Care Products HAUL

I came across KBF99 products when I was searching for a matching grooming set. KBF99 consists of a range of products that are revolutionary to your horses health. They prevent infection and the reinfection of Strangles, E.Coli, Ringworm and Mycotoxin.

KBF99 has been tested by Coventry University using the standard test for Anti Microbial Activity. Laboratory tests resulted in KBF99 material killing 99% of the bacteria test culture. Any reduction of harmful bacteria and fungus in the stable environment assists in reducing the chances of the diseases being transmitted from horse to horse.  The KBF99 product range has been developed to help protect and safeguard horses and in some cases humans from contracting these and other conditions.

The science behind the technology:

KBF99 coats the surface of plastic with molecular strands (tiny spikes or swords).It is also rich in Nitrogen molecules that carry a positive charge.  These attract the negatively charged membranes of Bacteria, Fungi, Algae and Mycotoxins. The spikes rupture the membrane, killing the cell.  The positive and negative charges then clash and the cell is blown apart.

I ordered my set from a UK website called Thermatex who are official resellers of KBF99. Here is what I got:

FLEXIBLE BUCKET(14 ltr shallow): With the added bonuses of being impossible to crack and hand holes too small for hooves to be caught up in, the buckets also come laced with the KBF99 additive for Bacteria and Fungus killing. +
HARD BUCKER (10 ltr): KBF99’s range of hard buckets are durable and come complete with measuring scales and the Bacteria and Fungus killing qualities of the KBF99 additive. +
BUCKET BRUSH: The fibres have the KBF99 Bacteria and Fungus killing properties as well as being angled to get into the corners of buckets and awkward crevices.

IMG_1556  IMG_1557  IMG_1564

DANDY BRUSH: With a comfortable and soft outer casing in the colour of your choice and the KBF99 additive-treated medium stiff fibre this Dandy will be a hit in any stable.

IMG_1573 IMG_1576 IMG_1575

BODY BRUSH: With smooth lines and a soft-textured outer casing it is as appealing to the touch as it is to the eyes. The soft fibre is impregnated with the KBF99 additive to give the brush its bacteria and fungus killing properties.

IMG_1577 IMG_1578 IMG_1579

CURRY COMB: The KBF99 Curry Comb has short plastic teeth to help loosen dirt, hair and other detritus.


MANE & TAIL BRUSH: For all your mane and tail grooming needs, the KBF99 Mane & Tail Brush uses additive-treated stiff plastic pins to kill Bacteria and Fungus and untangle hair.

IMG_1562  IMG_1560 

SWEAT SCRAPER: The half-moon KBF99 Sweat Scraper is designed with a double-sided head that provides a rubber strip for sweat and excess water removal as well as a ridged edge for removing loose hairs and dirt.

IMG_1569  IMG_1568

HOOF BRUSH: This brush has short stiff fibres making it perfect for use on your horse’s hoof’s combined with the additive-treated Bacteria and Fungus killing properties of KBF99. + HOOF PICK: Strong plastic hoof picked coated with the KBF99 additive which is clinically proven to kill bacteria and fungus.

IMG_1580  IMG_1572

FACE BRUSH: This brush has short and soft fibre making it perfect for use on your horse’s face combined with the additive-treated Bacteria and Fungus killing properties of KBF99. + STANDARD MANE COMB: A simple, easy to use mane comb with the Bacteria and Fungus killing properties of KBF99.

IMG_1563  IMG_1571

I am super excited to try these out and i think it is a great idea, especially when you have lots of horses in the barn. Always good to take extra precautions.

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