A bit for Sensitive Horses: NATHE Loose Ring Double Jointed Snaffle Bit REVIEW

After getting Tofino, i quickly realized he has a very sensitive mouth. I searched online on numerous rubber bits and came across a few brands ranging from Sprenger to Happy Mouth to Nathe.

I settled on the NATHE as it had great rubber that is flexible due to the steel core. It is also allergy free for sensitive mouths which as i mentioned, my horse is. Their bits are  gentle to the horse‘s mouth and tongue, and are especially advisable for the riding of sensitive horses as well as for a very sensitive way of riding.

I decided to go ahead and try the NATHE Loose Ring Double Jointed Snaffle  bit from www.TheHorseBitShop.co.Uk (international shipping), and he accepted the bit straight away which i was both surprised and thankful for.

I have used this bit for just over a year now and I have two main complaints about it.

1. It only comes in a loose ring. I wish it came in an Eggbutt for more stability.
2. Since it is rubber, and like any other rubber bit, your horse chews through them as you can see below. (click to enlarge)

Note: The reason why the bit is yellow is because of the Curcumin treats.

The bit is not thick, which is great for horses with big tongues. The mouthpiece thickness is around 20mm and the ring size is 75mm. You can also purchase the 60mm ring. There are three different sizes as many bits usually have which are 125mm (12.5cm), 135mm (13.5cm) and 145mm (14.5cm). I did order one size bigger for Tofino, he is usually a 12.5cm but i got 13.5 so i can put the bit guards in. And as you can see they are slightly thick.

Overall, my horse goes very well in this bit and accepts it. I would suggest it for horses that are not only very sensitive in their mouth, but also young horses. It is much easier and better to start of with the softest bit possible as you can always get harsher, but it’s harder to go backwards.


  • Allergy free
  • Rubber
  • Great for sensitive horses
  • Assists in acceptance
  • Promotes chewing
  • Activates salivation 
  • Not thick
  • 3 different sizes
  • Double jointed (less pressure on tongue)


  • Expensive
  • Needs to be changed once horse chews through
  • Only comes in loose ring form

Would i purchase again? YES. My horse seems to do well in it and it’s very important to have a comfortable horse.

What bit do you use?

3 thoughts on “A bit for Sensitive Horses: NATHE Loose Ring Double Jointed Snaffle Bit REVIEW

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