Deworming Your Horse

Horses, like any other grazing animals, need to be dewormed at least twice a year if not every 4 months, depending on the amount spent in paddocks.

Tofino goes out in grass paddocks every morning and afternoon, therefore, i personally deworm him around every 4 months. Even if your horse doesn’t have access to grass paddock, it is still a good idea to deworm them every 6 months as a preventative as worms can also grow on contaminated food, water, brushes, etc.

Deworming comes in both a pill base and a paste base. I personally use the paste as it is given less often. It is important to note that worms can develop resistance to a dewormer, therefore, it is crucial to alternate between different kinds.

When using any dewormer, make sure to read the instructions and follow according to your horses weight. If you are not sure how much your horse weighs, you can easily calculate it without a scale by measuring the full girth length and your horse’s length then calculate it:

  • [Girth (cm) × Girth (cm) × Length (cm)] / 11,900 = Weight(kg)


  • [Girth (in) × Girth (in) × Length (in)] / 330 = Weight (lb)

Here is a video to further explain the technique:

A good way to keep track of the name and type of your dewormer is to keep a journal, or a great a photo album in your phone and take pictures of the dewormers to make sure you don’t buy the same one consecutively.

Worms do thrive in moist, warm environments. If your horse looks thin and doesn’t have a healthy shiny coat, he most likely is infected with worms.

How to Deworm your horse:

When you use a paste dewormer, put the syringe in the corner of your horse’s mouth and aim for the back of his tongue. Squirt the paste in one quick motion. Raise your horses head if necessary to encourage swallowing.

Here is a video on how to deworm your horse:

Happy deworming 🙂 !

3 thoughts on “Deworming Your Horse

  1. Am all caught up on your fab blog, thanks for sharing your experiences with us.
    I used to worm my girls every 4 months, shortly after Christmas last year I decided to talk to their vet about brand options as I had been giving them the same paste for 18 months. I didn’t want them to develop an imunity to the chemicals. We decided to try foregoing worming yet testing their manure every couple of months and treating for worms when necessary.
    I just had them tested this week as they have moved back indoors after 24/7 turnout for the last 6 months, so we’ll see what the results say when I get them ☺


    • Thanks so much i am glad my blog is getting some interest and my experience helps.

      Naturally, even with the human body, when you take the same medicine over and over again our bodies tend to develop immunity. I would personally suggest buying different brands every now and then to avoid such thing.

      You can use stick to 3 different brands, but use one of them every 4 months or so. I hope that makes sense.


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