Equine Couture Breeches for SALE

I absolutely love Equine Couture breeches! And I am definitely ordering some more, however, I have changed sizes recently and do not fit into these, therefore, I am selling them in order to purchase a smaller size.

Note: All the following breeches are a size 26 and were ordered from the US.  You can email me at TofinoTack@gmail.com if you are interested!

BRAND NEW Stars & Stripes Breeches Size: 26US Colour: Charcoal
Price: 350AED/95USD
EC grey sold  

BRAND NEW Brittni Breeches Size: 26US Colour: Navy
Price: 350AED/95USD   EC navy sold

Used Brittni Breeches Size: 26US Colour: Lava Brown
Price: 220AED/60USD
Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 11.36.12 PM

Used Brittni Breeches Size: 26US Colour: Black
Price: 250AED/68USD
IMG_3983 copy

Keeping Up With Your Horse’s Health

I am not sure whether a lot of horse owners do this or not, but I personally find it extremely helpful to keep a folder dedicated to Tofino.

The folder has a number of separators where I keep the following:

  • Tofino’s passport
  • Tofino’s journal
  • Bills (livery/boarding, vet, farrier, vaccinations, etc.)
  • A pen (always handy to fill in your journal)

IMG_3914  IMG_3915


I use a classic composition journal to fill in the following details:

  • Farrier dates
  • Deworming dates
  • Dentist dates
  • Vaccination dates
  • Lesson dates (i don’t do this anymore)

IMG_3919  IMG_3918


What you can also do, is get one of those 4-5 Subject notebooks and place each category within the dividers. I like to see everything at once, but that is always a second option if you like.


I would also suggest to place reminders on your phone for repetitive dates. For example, I have Tofino’s Teeth to be checked set every 8 months. Normal dentist visits should be every 6 months, but since he is 14, he is alright with every 8 months.

You can also note down lessons, vaccination, farrier visits and deworming too in your phone calendar to remember.


I hope this helps you keep track of your horses health. It makes it so much easier when you have everything written down instead of trying to remember.

KBF99 Health Care Products REVIEW

If you may recall, I did a KBF99 Health Care Product Haul back in October.

So here we are back with KBF99 products for review 🙂
As mentioned in the haul post, these products are created for the health and safety of your horse. They are antibacterial and assist in the prevention of the spread of diseases and infections.

FLEXIBLE BUCKET(14 ltr shallow): I use this for Tofino’s food. It is sturdy and easy to clean while using the BUCKET BRUSH. There is no wear and tear on either of the products and I am satisfied with their outcome.

IMG_2226  IMG_3819
Would i purchase the Flexible Bucket again? Yes
Would i purchase the Bucket Brush again? Yes

HARD BUCKER (10 ltr): I use this bucket for storing Tofino’s shower equipment and also filling it up with water and shampoo for bathing. It also feels sturdy, fits in my locker and always the plus side of the antibacterial!

SWEAT SCRAPERThe sweat scraper is nothing special, other than the fact that it’s antibacterial. It is smaller than my old sweat scraper but that’s no issue. The metal screws did rust in a short period of time which annoys me. Even though there are two sides to the scraper, I don’t feel like the spiked side does anything per se.

IMG_3814  IMG_3816
Would I purchase the Hard Bucket again? Yes
Would I purchase the Sweat Scraper again? Probably not

BODY BRUSH (left) and DANDY BRUSH (right): I am rather disappointed in the quality of the brushes, as you can tell in the pictures below, the bristles tend to twist and fall off in a short period of time and I do not feel like they clean well. The body brush also seems to have harder bristles than normal body brushes. It is more comfortable to use though than the dandy brush.

IMG_3796  IMG_3795
Would I purchase the Body Brush again? No
Would I purchase the Dandy Brush again?

CURRY COMB: This is comfortable to hold, but does not clean well. I feel like the regular rubber curry combs do a much better job at removing dirt and sweat from your horse.

kbf99 curry comb  IMG_3823
Would I purchase the Curry Comb again? No

HOOF BRUSH: (Right) and HOOF PICK: (Left): These products do their job well and are comfortable to hold. I do not like the fact that they come separately as I prefer the 2in1 hoof brush/pick. Since Tofino has whiteline on his hooves, I am sticking to strictly using these and just hoping for the best.

Would I purchase the Hoof Pick again? Yes
Would I purchase the Hoof Brush again? Yes
I do however, really hope they make a 2in1 brush+pick.

MANE & TAIL BRUSH (left) and STANDARD MANE COMB (right): I really like these products as they work well. I use the Mane & Tail brush with my Ecolicious De-stress Intensive Restructuring & Detangling Treatment. I wish it came with no handle, but rather a clutch on the back of the face, making it easier and less stressful on your hand while brushing the tail, and not to mention, more compact for the grooming box.

As for the comb, I use it for cutting and braiding his mane. It acts like any other comb except for the antibacterial aspect.

Would I purchase the Mane & Tail brush again? Yes, I wish they change the design to a no handle but back clutch instead.
Would I purchase the Comb brush again? No, as I feel this will last forever.

FACE BRUSH: The same issue with the dandy and body brush, the bristles do tend to twist and fall off. This also looks very similar to the hoof brush, which makes it confusing! For a horse face brush, I would expect it to be soft and comfortable, but I feel like this is the same material and roughness as the body brush which is disappointing since Tofino is not too fond of it, and therefore, I use it on his tendons instead.

Would I purchase the Face Brush again? No

Overall, I really like the concept of KBF99 Health Care products, nevertheless, I do feel like they need to put more time and effort into creating longer lasting products that are also comfortable for the groomers to use.

Magic Brush for Horse REVIEW

A friend of mine went to Europe this summer and brought a MagicBrush set. As it comes in a pack of 3, she handed one over to me to try.

I left it in my grooming box for a while before actually trying it as i thought it would be useless to be honest. After reading about it online, I decided to give it a go.

  • MagicBrush – the efficient all-rounder for cleaning and grooming!
  • Our original MagicBrush is the ideal grooming brush for horses and dogs. MagicBrush thoroughly removes any dirt from horse coat and dog coat, even dried on mud.
  • The unique triangular and conical shaped quadro bristles of MagicBrush allow astonishing results in cleaning, grooming while massaging all at once. Due to the high quality of the materials the grooming brush is nearly indestructible.
  • The grooming brush supports the animal care during the change of coat. MagicBrush can be used on any kind of horse hair.
  • Magic Brush is a high quality EU Product from one mold. It adjusts to the surface it is used on and thoroughly removes any dirt. MagicBrush is gentle to the sensitive parts such as joints and bones.
  • MagicBrush even frees your cloth and furniture from hair and dirt.
  • Since the animal grooming brush is 100 % waterproof it is perfect for shampooing. The brush will not swell or lose any bristle. If necessary the MagicBrush itself can be washed in the washing machine.

As Tofino LOVES to roll in everything, I decided to try and see whether it’ll get the sand/dirt off him, and to my surprise, this brush did work like magic!

IMG_3165  IMG_3166IMG_3406 IMG_3407

With one stroke, all the sand was removed. Normally I use a currycomb and a hard brush to remove all the sand when he rolls and it takes a while, however, with the MagicBrush it only takes a few seconds! I was very pleased with how fast it works.

I did use it also to clean Tofino’s tendon and fetlock boots as well as his overreach boots and they worked exactly the same way; amazingly. You can use it to clean hooves, brushes, boots, your tack, clothes and basically anything. I love the fact that it is easy to hold and is small enough to fit into your grooming box or personal bag to take to shows.

Here’s a video from the official Magic Brush youtube channel:

IMG_8975  2088670_orig

You can now find a pack at Decathlon in Dubai for 95AED/25USD.


  • Quick easy use
  • Waterproof
  • Does the job well
  • Multi-purpose brush
  • Good size
  • Easy to clean/wash
  • Comes in a set of 3
  • Gentle


  • No neutral colours set

Would I get this again? Yes, definitely!

Importance of Overreach/Bell Boots

The damage that overreaching can cause is very underestimated. For those of you who do not know what overreaching is, it is when a horse basically over-reaches its back toes and injures the foreleg, usually at the heel.

Both in barefoot and shod horses, overreaching can cause major damage to the hoof from bruising to abrasions to lameness, and in severe cases may lead to an infection if not noticed or treated early.
In shod horses, overreaching can also result in a loss of shoe.


There are a variety of hoof interference when it comes to horses legs:
Forging (fig 1, 2 and 3) is very common with horses that work in fast tempo whether it is at a walk, trot, canter or gallop. Forging refers to a hind leg hitting the front leg.


Speedicuts (fig 4, 5, 6) are caused visa versa where the front legs injure the hind legs.

A simple and affordable way to avoid overreaching is to use some overreach boots (also called bell boots).

Make sure your boots touch the ground from the back of your horses hooves in order for the boot to be functional.

Schockemohle Overreach boots in the image above can be found at Equestrian Solutions.

If your horses hoof got bruised then just keep an eye on it and avoid any contact to it. If there is a minor abrasion then apply antiseptic. If the wound is deep, i would suggest calling your vet to check wether it needs stitching. And finally, if your horse just pulled of their shoe, then avoid riding them until the farrier fixes it back on.

You can purchase a pair in almost all tack stores. Honestly speaking, from my experience, overreach boots never last long, especially if your horse does so often. Therefore, spending your money on a more expensive boot does not mean you will get the toughest and the most durable of them all. Some decently priced boots really do the job just as well.

If you would like to order online here in the UAE or the GCC, you can have a look at the following (arranged according to price):


If you have any questions or are not sure which overreach boots would suit your horse/pony, you are more than welcome to contact me at TofinoTack@gmail.com

You may also send me a picture of your current bell boots if you are not sure they fit. I would be happy to check them for you if you need help.

Maintaining your Riding Boots

Riding boots are an investment. Good tall boots are on the pricey side, therefore, it is crucial to note how you can maintain your boots in order to use them for the longest time possible.

Depending on the type of boot you have, the thickness, material, usage, and the technology behind it, generally, the lifespan of good tall boots is around 5-15 years.

Here are 5 simple steps that will assist in keeping your riding boots to their maximum lifespan:

1. Use Manufacturers Products:
When getting your boots, no matter what brand it is, i would recommend using the brands boot cream/conditioner or balsam/polish, as they are most likely oil and soap free. Boot cream/conditioner should be used on your boots after perhaps every two rides. If you ride more than one horse a day, it is best to condition them everyday.
Do not overuse boot polish. Only use it when necessary (shows), and normal boot cream/balsam can be buffed using a boot brush to give a shiny clean finish. Normal leather care products that are used for tack are harsh for leather boots, and many contain oil which causes the leather to stretch or leave marks/blotches on your boots.

IMG_2926  IMG_2928  IMG_2920

2. Only Use for Riding:
Furthermore, in order to lengthen the lifespan of your boots, i would recommend to strictly use them for riding only. Use any comfortable shoes or boots whilst going to the stables and change into your riding boots just before you’re about to ride. Then remove them once you hop off and switch back the shoes you came in.
This is simply to keep your boots from unnecessary overuse, and to keep them as clean and dry as possible, as water can not only degenerate the seams and stitching but can also dry out your leather.


3. Dry out any Sweat:
If you tend to sweat under your riding boots, make sure to dry it out as the salt in sweat sucks out the moisture in your boots, which consequently leads to brittle and cracked boots. To dry out sweat, you must simply wipe your boots with a damp cloth or sponge with a tiny tiny bit of oil free soap then apply your boot cleaner/conditioner.
If you have a custom wooden tree for your boots then simply place them in as they can absorb the sweat. If not, then scrunch up newspaper and place them in your boot and that will draw out any moisture.


4. Use a Boot Tree:
Boot trees help maintain the shape of your boots as well as keeping them from tipping over or bending. There are a number of different boot tree types, from plastic, to wooden, to inflatable, depending on your price range.
I personally use the Parlanti Roma Inflatable Boot Tree as it can be adjusted to any size and are super soft!

IMG_2923  IMG_2925

5. Keep Your Boots in a Bag:
Lastly, in order to keep your boots super safe, it is best to place them in a sturdy bag with ventilation, away from direct sunlight. There are a number of different boot bag styles in the market today and for good prices. My boots came with the standard Tucci Fabric Carrying Bag for Boots. Honestly speaking, I changed my Tucci boot bag to the navy coloured Ariat Tall Boot Bag from Equestrian Collections, or even Gulf Rider in the UAE, as the ariats have internal dividers for your boots, as well as a shoulder strap which makes it easy to carry around.

IMG_2931  MF00004R-navyred

Note: Make sure to keep your boot bag clean in order to avoid any dirt scratches on your boots.

Franco Tucci Boots (short term) REVIEW

If you follow me on instagram (@TofinoDuLys), you would know that after many long months of searching for the perfect riding boots, I had ordered a pair of custom made Franco Tucci riding boots from Cavalos UAE.

(Click to enlarge)
IMG_0042  2cb566477461d6d41b1395507c40bc02

The model I ordered is the Rossini in its original dark brown colour. There are however, a number of colours, variation of styles and personalizations you can choose from.

As my boots were made to measure, when they arrived I had expected them to fit like a second skin. However, it was rather loose, especially just above the ankle.

photo 3-6  photo 5-4

Luckily, the ladies down at Cavalos were extremely helpful in assisting me on getting my boot order corrected and sent them back to Italy for tightening. I received them in no time and in perfect shape!

It is always difficult with custom made things to perfect the size, therefore, I am really glad that things did turn out well.

My first ride in these boots were less painful than i had expected. This is the first time i ever own long riding boots. And i always hear and read that the “breaking in” process is horrible, however, my experience was not too bad. I did not get any blisters thankfully and I was still able to walk with them. I did feel tight pressure on my calf if i wore them for too long which is absolutely normal, as they do fit like a second skin!

Moreover, I could not close the zipper all the way up the boot for about 3 rides.
(Click to enlarge)
FullSizeRender  IMG_2600

It has been a week now and the zippers close fully with just a minor struggle. These boots are tough and very durable, which is why i chose them.

They do also come with insoles incase they get wide at the foot and with your name written on the inside of the boot so no one can say it’s anybody’s but yours!

IMG_4443  IMG_4445

It is too soon to set some pros and cons, nonetheless, i will say that i absolutely adore my boots and i would definitely purchase another pair in the future
(hopefully the Monica model ❤ )

Update: This is how they fit now after nearly one month’s use