Preparing for a Show + Checklist

Sorry I haven’t been posting. Life has got the best of me.

Since Tofino and I competed this week, i decided to write a post on how to prepare for a show and what items you need with you.

Before you register for a show, whether it’s for dressage, show jumping, hunter jumper or eventing, you and your horse first and foremost need to be mentally and physically ready to do so.

Some horses and riders may be ready before others, and there is nothing to be ashamed of. Take your time and work hard and you will become a better rider with each day that passes.

Once you and your horse have reached a stage where you feel that you are ready to compete that I would suggest entering an unaffiliated, very chilled show, especially if it is your horse’s first time, until you have both gained enough confidence and experience.

Checklist of Items for Horse:

IMG_2708  IMG_2691

  • Saddle (with stirrups + stirrup leather)
  • Girth
  • Bridle
  • Martingale (if needed)
  • Numnah/saddle pad (white for dressage)
  • Correction pad (if needed)
  • Ear Plug + Ear Net (if your horse is spooky)
  • Tendon + Fetlock boots (for jumping + xcountry)
  • Overreach/bell boots
  • Hoof Oil (Optional for shiny hooves)
  • Grooming Box (curry comb, hard brush, body brush, hoof pick, mane & tail comb)
  • Coat/Mane/Tail shine spray (optional)
  • Waterless Shampoo (I use the Ecolicioius one which is a life saver for stains!)
  • Plaiting Kit/Equipment (for dressage)
  • Fly Spray
  • Mini Towel
  • Hay net + Hay
  • Bucket for Water + Water Jug
  • Rug/blanket (depending on weather)
  • Sweat rug (if needed)
  • Travel/Shipping boots
  • Halter/Head collar
  • Your horses Passport + vaccination page copy (sometimes needed)
  • Anti-Septic Spray/cream (in case of any cuts)
  • Trailer/Truck

Note: It would be useful and easier for your tack to be placed in specific bags. E.g. Saddle + girth in saddle bag, bridle in bridle bag. Then place everything else in either one big trolley or a portable locker.

Checklist of Items for Rider:

IMG_2731  IMG_2737

  • Water(always!)
  • Helmet(always!)
  • Hair Net (optional)
  • Show breeches (white/safari depending on where your countries rules)
  • Show shirt(has to have white collar)
  • Show Jacket/Coat
  • Socks
  • Riding Boots
  • Boot Cleanser
  • Boot Polish
  • Spare comfortable shoes
  • Gloves (white for dressage)
  • Body Protector (recommended)
  • Belt (optional)
  • Spurs+ Spur straps (optional)
  • Whip/Crop/Bat (optional)
  • Stock + Pin (for dressage)
  • Your test (for dressage)
  • Watch
  • Sunscreen
  • Hand Sanitizer 
  • Mini First Aid Kit

Note: It would also be useful here to place your show jacket in a coat bag and your boots in a boot bag along with your helmet, gloves, spurs and whip. The less you carry the better.

Good luck! And BE SAFE 🙂

IMG_2799 IMG_2820

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