Franco Tucci Boots (short term) REVIEW

If you follow me on instagram (@TofinoDuLys), you would know that after many long months of searching for the perfect riding boots, I had ordered a pair of custom made Franco Tucci riding boots from Cavalos UAE.

(Click to enlarge)
IMG_0042  2cb566477461d6d41b1395507c40bc02

The model I ordered is the Rossini in its original dark brown colour. There are however, a number of colours, variation of styles and personalizations you can choose from.

As my boots were made to measure, when they arrived I had expected them to fit like a second skin. However, it was rather loose, especially just above the ankle.

photo 3-6  photo 5-4

Luckily, the ladies down at Cavalos were extremely helpful in assisting me on getting my boot order corrected and sent them back to Italy for tightening. I received them in no time and in perfect shape!

It is always difficult with custom made things to perfect the size, therefore, I am really glad that things did turn out well.

My first ride in these boots were less painful than i had expected. This is the first time i ever own long riding boots. And i always hear and read that the “breaking in” process is horrible, however, my experience was not too bad. I did not get any blisters thankfully and I was still able to walk with them. I did feel tight pressure on my calf if i wore them for too long which is absolutely normal, as they do fit like a second skin!

Moreover, I could not close the zipper all the way up the boot for about 3 rides.
(Click to enlarge)
FullSizeRender  IMG_2600

It has been a week now and the zippers close fully with just a minor struggle. These boots are tough and very durable, which is why i chose them.

They do also come with insoles incase they get wide at the foot and with your name written on the inside of the boot so no one can say it’s anybody’s but yours!

IMG_4443  IMG_4445

It is too soon to set some pros and cons, nonetheless, i will say that i absolutely adore my boots and i would definitely purchase another pair in the future
(hopefully the Monica model ❤ )

Update: This is how they fit now after nearly one month’s use



11 thoughts on “Franco Tucci Boots (short term) REVIEW

  1. Beautiful boots & I love the colour. I too hope to take the plunge & splurge on my first pair of leather tall boots soon – fingers crossed mine look as nice whatever brand i end up going for.
    Wishing you well wear with them!


    • Ah yes thank goodness they turned out great i was worries but all turned well. I have read about so many different brands and the top 3 i came across were Franco Tucci, De Niro and Sergio Grasso as they are long lasting. Everybody raves about Parlanti, and yes they are gorgeous, nonetheless, they do stop down rather quickly and are not long lasting.


      • I have only seen DeNiro’s in person @EquitanaGermany in 2013. Fingers crossed i can head back next March and if the deals are still as good i might have to nab myself a pair.
        I’ve been eyeing up the Tredstep Field Boots as i have had 2 to 3 good years with their ProG2 gaiters.
        Have to say I am not a fan of the Parlantis, I haven’t seen them in person, but from photos they do nothing for me.
        Some of the Ariats look nice too, Challenge or Heritage i think are the ones that have caught my eye – but again I haven’t seen them in person nor tried them so cannot really comment *blush*


        • de niros are responabily priced thank goodness for such an elegant boot. Fingers crossed you get them ✌️tredstep look really good but we dont have them here. I would not reccomend ariats as they do not last


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