KBF99 Health Care Products REVIEW

If you may recall, I did a KBF99 Health Care Product Haul back in October.

So here we are back with KBF99 products for review 🙂
As mentioned in the haul post, these products are created for the health and safety of your horse. They are antibacterial and assist in the prevention of the spread of diseases and infections.

FLEXIBLE BUCKET(14 ltr shallow): I use this for Tofino’s food. It is sturdy and easy to clean while using the BUCKET BRUSH. There is no wear and tear on either of the products and I am satisfied with their outcome.

IMG_2226  IMG_3819
Would i purchase the Flexible Bucket again? Yes
Would i purchase the Bucket Brush again? Yes

HARD BUCKER (10 ltr): I use this bucket for storing Tofino’s shower equipment and also filling it up with water and shampoo for bathing. It also feels sturdy, fits in my locker and always the plus side of the antibacterial!

SWEAT SCRAPERThe sweat scraper is nothing special, other than the fact that it’s antibacterial. It is smaller than my old sweat scraper but that’s no issue. The metal screws did rust in a short period of time which annoys me. Even though there are two sides to the scraper, I don’t feel like the spiked side does anything per se.

IMG_3814  IMG_3816
Would I purchase the Hard Bucket again? Yes
Would I purchase the Sweat Scraper again? Probably not

BODY BRUSH (left) and DANDY BRUSH (right): I am rather disappointed in the quality of the brushes, as you can tell in the pictures below, the bristles tend to twist and fall off in a short period of time and I do not feel like they clean well. The body brush also seems to have harder bristles than normal body brushes. It is more comfortable to use though than the dandy brush.

IMG_3796  IMG_3795
Would I purchase the Body Brush again? No
Would I purchase the Dandy Brush again?

CURRY COMB: This is comfortable to hold, but does not clean well. I feel like the regular rubber curry combs do a much better job at removing dirt and sweat from your horse.

kbf99 curry comb  IMG_3823
Would I purchase the Curry Comb again? No

HOOF BRUSH: (Right) and HOOF PICK: (Left): These products do their job well and are comfortable to hold. I do not like the fact that they come separately as I prefer the 2in1 hoof brush/pick. Since Tofino has whiteline on his hooves, I am sticking to strictly using these and just hoping for the best.

Would I purchase the Hoof Pick again? Yes
Would I purchase the Hoof Brush again? Yes
I do however, really hope they make a 2in1 brush+pick.

MANE & TAIL BRUSH (left) and STANDARD MANE COMB (right): I really like these products as they work well. I use the Mane & Tail brush with my Ecolicious De-stress Intensive Restructuring & Detangling Treatment. I wish it came with no handle, but rather a clutch on the back of the face, making it easier and less stressful on your hand while brushing the tail, and not to mention, more compact for the grooming box.

As for the comb, I use it for cutting and braiding his mane. It acts like any other comb except for the antibacterial aspect.

Would I purchase the Mane & Tail brush again? Yes, I wish they change the design to a no handle but back clutch instead.
Would I purchase the Comb brush again? No, as I feel this will last forever.

FACE BRUSH: The same issue with the dandy and body brush, the bristles do tend to twist and fall off. This also looks very similar to the hoof brush, which makes it confusing! For a horse face brush, I would expect it to be soft and comfortable, but I feel like this is the same material and roughness as the body brush which is disappointing since Tofino is not too fond of it, and therefore, I use it on his tendons instead.

Would I purchase the Face Brush again? No

Overall, I really like the concept of KBF99 Health Care products, nevertheless, I do feel like they need to put more time and effort into creating longer lasting products that are also comfortable for the groomers to use.

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