Keeping Up With Your Horse’s Health

I am not sure whether a lot of horse owners do this or not, but I personally find it extremely helpful to keep a folder dedicated to Tofino.

The folder has a number of separators where I keep the following:

  • Tofino’s passport
  • Tofino’s journal
  • Bills (livery/boarding, vet, farrier, vaccinations, etc.)
  • A pen (always handy to fill in your journal)

IMG_3914  IMG_3915


I use a classic composition journal to fill in the following details:

  • Farrier dates
  • Deworming dates
  • Dentist dates
  • Vaccination dates
  • Lesson dates (i don’t do this anymore)

IMG_3919  IMG_3918


What you can also do, is get one of those 4-5 Subject notebooks and place each category within the dividers. I like to see everything at once, but that is always a second option if you like.


I would also suggest to place reminders on your phone for repetitive dates. For example, I have Tofino’s Teeth to be checked set every 8 months. Normal dentist visits should be every 6 months, but since he is 14, he is alright with every 8 months.

You can also note down lessons, vaccination, farrier visits and deworming too in your phone calendar to remember.


I hope this helps you keep track of your horses health. It makes it so much easier when you have everything written down instead of trying to remember.

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