FreeJump Soft’Up Pro Stirrups + Safety Stirrup Leather REVIEW

My first stirrups that I got were the Prestige Italia Stirrup Silk which come with rubber and cheese-grater grips that you can alternate with.

I honestly didn’t have an issue with these until i had the accident to my leg. After my surgeries i felt like these stirrups hurt my whole leg from ankle to hip. Therefore, i decided to sell them and look for something that can assist my injury.

I was torn between the Jin Kinko and the Freejump Soft’up Pro for the longest time!

jin kinko staffe_free_jump_soft-up-pro_og

After trying them both, I did feel much safer in the FreeJump, not to mention that a friend of mine had broken her foot and ankle whilst using the Jin Kinko as her foot got stuck while her horse slipped!

That being said, what was I thinking debating the two? FreeJump is known to be safer, so SAFETY FIRST! I got my stirrups from You can also find them here in the UAE at Tack N Track and at Gulf Rider.

I rode in my friends FreeJump (blue) for a while and fell more and more in love with them ❤

Note: Soft’up Pro and  Soft’up are completely different stirrups!whatcha want from us

Specifications of FreeJump Soft’up Pro:

  • Tempered spring steel single-branch with extra high mechanical resistance (1200MPa)
  • Elastollan® overmoulding
  • Open eye for fastening to the single strap
  • 45° angled eye for a perfect foot position
  • Patented flexible outer branch made of Elastollan® which helps free the foot in case of fall
  • Extra wide tread made of Ixef® 1022 (fibreglass loaded polyarylamide)
  • Elastomer grip
  • Screw fastened protetive cover
  • Branch situated at the front of the tread for a natural slope
  • Rectilinear bevelled rear leading edge for better lateral stability
  • Exclusive LOOK CYCLE® technology nonslip studded tread surface
  • Many different colours to choose from (black, chocolate, blue, red, vanilla, green, orange, pink) as shown below:


Here is a video explaining the innovative technology: (it is in french but has subtitles)

FreeJump Soft’up Pro Evaluation:

Pros: Cons:

•  Pain free

•  45° helps put your heel down

• Flexible yet sturdy

• Wide but not too wide that your foot falls through

• Many colour options

• Non-slip grip (never lost my stirrups since using them)

• Innovative

• Perfect weight

•   Expensive (one of the most expensive, if not the most expensive stirrups there are!)

•  Wearing down of rubber? (I am not so sure about this but mine seem to be much gripper than my friends and she has had it for longer so assume the rubber grip does wear down but you still have the screws)

•  Scratches saddle (you will need to store it in a specific way in order to avoid any scratches on your saddle from the screws)


Verdict:  I would definitely purchase these again and recommend them wholeheartedly  They really work amazingly for my leg and look so nice. I have had multiple surgeries on my leg from an accident and these are the only stirrups that I feel comfortable and less pain in. So if you have leg pain or leg surgery I would 100% tell you to get these NOW! 

Even though these stirrups work perfectly fine with normal stirrup leathers, I felt a great positive difference with the FreeJump Safety Stirrup Leathers. I got my stirrup leathers from Gulf Rider UAE and a discounted price in one of the nationals shows. I did get the Brown in the size Medium and I am 170cm with long lengths. For jumping, it is a perfect length, and for dressage, I end up using the 2nd/3rd longest hole.

Small (for riders under 5’5″/165cm)
Medium (for riders 5’5″/165cm – 5’9″/175cm)
Large (for riders over 5’9″/175cm)

Thanks to the open eyelet on the X’UP and SOFT’UP stirrups, the Freejump stirrup leathers can be fitted very quickly with a simple nylon loop, without having to take the stirrup leather off the saddle. Its single strap and extra wide design provides unbeatable riding comfort and the guarantee that the Freejump stirrup leather will not twist.

Note: The stirrup leathers are much lighter in real life. They are more of a cognac brown than a typical brown.

Here are some pictures of my Black (as it can go with anything) FreeJump Soft’up Pro’s attached to the Safety Stirrup Leathers:

IMG_3632  IMG_3633
IMG_3869  IMG_3630

Update: Freejump did make new stirrup leathers now, that are much more durable and evened out. You can tell the difference with the black reinforcement on the inside of the stirrup leather. This makes it tougher and last longer without stretching. The holes have also been adjusted so they are even on both left and right leg (old version wasn’t).

IMG_2004  IMG_2005

Freejump Safety Stirrup Leather Evaluation:

Pros: Cons:

•  Keep stirrups in place

•  Lay flat on the saddle

•  No pinching

•  Sturdy

•  Easy to take off stirrups through nylon loop 

•  Doesn’t mark the saddle

•  No twisting

•  Loop numbers are on the riders side (e.g when you adjust your stirrup leather, the numbers are facing you, making it easier to read)

•  Comes in 3 different sizes (S,M,L)

•  Cognac brown colour (will need to darken)

•  Expensive

• Not durable (not applicable to new version)

•  Stirrup holes are not punched evenly (not applicable to new version)

Verdict: Since the new version is a lot tougher and better made, I would definitely recommend these stirrup leathers. I love how sturdy they feel with the stirrup irons and they stay in one spot making it easier for you to put your foot in without having it being twisted constantly. That being said, they are not too durable, which is disappointing for the price you pay.

8 thoughts on “FreeJump Soft’Up Pro Stirrups + Safety Stirrup Leather REVIEW

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  7. A very useful review, thank you for posting. However, you talk about the new version of the stirrup leather but there is no date on your review or when the new version is/was available from. Therefore how would one know, when ordering, if you were getting the new or old version.


    • Hi there thank you. There is a date on the post in my website maybe you accessed through third party? The older version are from 2013. Newer ones are from 2015 and this year there are even newer ones 🙈


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