Roeckl Sports Madrid Gloves REVIEW

The brand Roeckl Sports has been developing gloves for a number of different uses from sports such as golfing, snow sports, riding, as well as leisure activities.

I ordered my Roeckl Sports Madrid Gloves around 2.5 months ago from Equestrian Solutions here in the UAE. They originally do come in a variety of colours but Equestian Solutions only had the Black. Nonetheless, here are the colour options for the gloves on their website:

Black,                                                                   Mocha,                                       White,

 Marine,                                                          Black/Gold,







Madrid Gloves Specifications:

Sizes: 6 – 10.5
Backhand: Micro mesh, Mesh CX4000
Palmhand: Drytec G5, Slip-Stop patches
Attributes: COMFORT CUT, wrist band with CARELESS CLOSURE, trimmings for curb, TOUCHSCREEN COMPATIBLE

Description (as stated by roeckl):

Why choose between meeting the needs of the German equestrian team and simply combining functionality with a sporty and modern design? This brand-new model developedby Roeckl Sports does both. The Roeckl Sports logo and the discreet piping, both coloredin gold, together with high-quality materials and a sophisticated fastener make for an outstanding performance. The combination of soft, lightweight Micro Mesh on the backhand and the elastic, non-slip palm made from Drytec G5 with Slip Stop trimming makes this glove extremely comfortable to wear and ensures tactility as well as a perfect grip on the reins. Special trimming for the curb provides added strength where needed.

Now getting to my experience with these gloves, they are super comfy that is for sure! So I agree with the comfort cut and love that they have a short wrist cut rather than long, therefore, it does not get in the way of wrist flexion. They are also breathable as the top is made of Micro Mesh.

As for the colour, they look exactly the same as the picture online. Even though it states that the colour is black, the goves are more of a combination of a navy blue and black with silver logo which is very pretty I reckon.


These are meant to be touchscreen compatible, which they are, nonetheless, it takes several touches on my iphone screen to do the job. They do have good grip on the reins, I have used both rubber grip, and leather grip reins with these gloves with no slip issues whatsoever.

As mentioned above, I have had these for 2.5 months, and only within one months use, they started to deteriorate which was disappointing as they are rather expensive. I started to notice loose threads and wearing and stretching on the fingers of the gloves. This is with riding in them around 4-5x a week in one month.

(click to enlarge)
 IMG_3826  IMG_3829IMG_4535  IMG_3446


•   Looks good

•   Comfortable

•   Short cut

•   Good grip

•   Colour options

•   Size options

•   Breathable

•   Light/Slim

•   Expensive

•   Not durable

•   Fast wearing

•   Fast stretching/deterioration

•   Not very touchscreen compatible


Verdict: I would not purchase these specific model again as I believe they are not worth the price for their durability. I may try a different Roeckl Sports model and do a comparison with time.

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