Equine Couture Tynsley Breeches REVIEW

As many of you know, I am obsessed with Equine Couture breeches!! I just love the fact that they have MANY different models and are always coming up with new styles.

I do own a couple of different models from Equine Couture, however, as the title suggests, I will be reviewing the Tynsley Ladies Breeches today. Unfortunately these come in only two colours as seen below:

This sleek design of breech features an innovative styled waistband where a stretch fabric is designed within the breech waistline itself, making for a completely comfortable and form-fitting breech when needed most. White contrast stitching throughout this new style is perfect for that unique, yet classic equestrian look; plus rubber silicone paneling offers an extra advantage, giving you no-slip security in the saddle. – Equine Couture

The composition of the Tynsely consists of the following:

  • 63% Polyester
  • 32% Viscose
  • 5% Elastane

I personally purchased mine back in September 2014,  from Equus Unlimited, as you may have probably seen beforehand in my Equus Unlimited Haul. Thus far, the Tynsley’s have held up really well and are by far one of the most comfortable breeches I have ever worn!

Here are few shots of how they look on, with and without a belt (belt is from AEO):
(Click to enlarge)
IMG_2035  IMG_2049

They are overall, flattering and have a decent size belt loop which can fit up to 1.5″ belts. Also, surprisingly enough. the cs2 bottoms (ankle part) actually fit my ankle!! I have tiny ankles which is why I normally prefer velcro closures so I can place it at the tightest. These however, fit perfectly! They are stretchy, so if you do have wider ankles they would fit you.

IMG_2044  IMG_2047

The fact that they have open back pockets makes it so much easier to place my phone as I walk around the yard. The front zip pockets are large enough to fit my iphone 5 and keep it safe whilst hacking.

IMG_2041  IMG_2038

Note the stretch “V” in the waistband, this makes the breeches fit you to form and so comfortable! They are less obvious in the black than the safari colour. Moreover, I generally prefer knee patch breeches to full seat breeches as I enjoy the freedom of movement. The silicon knee patches are not only there for looks, but do work in giving you a nice grip on your saddle.

I truly applaud Equine Couture for going into so much detail for every breech from the buttons, to the stitching, to the knee patch, to the zippers, and the overall design and composition. I love that these are very practical and can be used all year round.


•   Practical

•   Comfortable (stretch V design)

•   Beautiful design

•   Good fit + 1.5″ waistband

•   Durable

•   Good knee patch grip

•   Size options

•   Fitted cs2 bottoms

•   Pricier than other models

•   Only 2 colour options



Verdict: I would definitely re-purchase, and recommend these Tynsley breeches! 

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