Cavalleria Toscana Show Shirt REVIEW ft. Cavalos

A while back, I went to Cavalos Equine Care & Supplies and treated myself to a Cavalleria Toscana Long Sleeve Show Shirt. Cavalos is the official retailers for Cavalleria Toscana in the UAE.

The show shirt came in a Cavalleria Toscana zip-lock bag, along with 2 extra buttons. I did purchase these in the size XS and as you can tell, in the Navy colour. It is button down all the way through (which I personally prefer), but only 4 buttons are visible. It has nice white contrasting and a Cavalleria Toscana logo on the collar.

IMG_3011  IMG_3041IMG_3025

The Show Shirt consists of 2 different fabrics;
Navy Area: 72.5% Polyamid, 27.5% Elastane
White Area: 96% Cotton, 4% Elastane
This makes the consistency of the show shirt lightweight, breathable, and does not cling to your skin.

Surprisingly enough, unlike other brands, Cavalleria Toscana does not have specific names for their products, only codes. The code for this particular show shirt is: CAD029/JE002 as seen below:

After using this for 3 shows, with no exaggeration, this show shirt is one of the most comfortable and well fitted that I have ever worn. It is on the pricey side, nonetheless, it is definitely worth the investment! It is not only elegant, but also has a number of useful features:

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 1.55.27 AM
Note: I do send this to the dry cleaners after every use as I do not trust my ability to wash them with care.

The only issue I would say with this is that it is a little short. It does tuck into my breeches, but I do find that at the end of the day, one side is often just about out of the breeches. This is due to the cut, as it is curved on the sides:


•   Elegant

•   Full button down

•   Stretchy

•   Sizing range

•   Anti-Bacterial

•   Anti-UV

•   Breathable

•   Comfortable

•   Lightweight material

•   On the pricey side

•   A little short


Verdict: I absolutely love this show shirt ❤ I am so happy that I purchased it and I would definitely recommend it to anyone!

Do check out Cavalos for more Cavalleria Toscana items.


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