HorZe HaloRider Helmet REVIEW

With my small head, it is very difficult for me to find a helmet that fits and suits my face structure. I have tried the KEP Italia, Samshield, GPA Speed Air, and none of them seem to fit me, as much as I wish they would.

Nevertheless, I came across the Horze HaloRider Helmet a few years ago from DubaiPetFood. I purchased the black and silver model, in size 56.


Horze HaloRider Helmet
Well-fitting everyday riding helmet from Horze. Cover in water- and dirt-resistant microfibre textile. Ventilation at both front and back to decrease humidity, while the soft shield reduces risk of injury.

Product features:

  • Ventilation both front and back.
  • Dirt-resistant microfibre textile.
  • Includes an inner lining.
  • Adjustable and padded chin strap for better fit.
  • CE EN 1384 approval (click here to know more)

The helmet is very simple and elegant. It has front vents, as well as back ones which does create decent airflow. The lining can be removed, thus, making it easy to place in the washing machine. That being said, it does flatten over time, as with all helmets.

DSC_9260  helmet 2  helmet 3

The microfiber textile is easy to clean using either a microfiber cleaning spray, or simply a wet cloth. It also comes with a soft cloth string bag, which is convenient as it does not take up much space, even though I would have personally preferred a harder bag for more protection while traveling.

helmet 4  IMG_6158

It is not only light on the head, but also comfortable. However, the helmet strap does look very squarish, which reduces the appealing appearance of the helmet in my humble opinion (as seen below).


Even though it does state that it dirt-resistant, it falls short of that statement as the weather here in the Middle East is full of dust and sand particles, thus, allowing the helmet pick it up quickly.

For now, I am satisfied with how well it has held up for its price, from schooling, to showing. That being said, a helmet that is CE EN 1384 approval is only the minimum requirement for safety. For now, it will do, but in the near future, when I start competing more, I will be looking into purchasing a helmet with higher certification

As mentioned above, I got this helmet around 3.5 years ago, without really knowing how to fit a helmet.  I found out that it was too big on me when we started jumping as it kept falling before my eyes, therefore, I purchased another HaloRider Helmet, only this time, I got 2 sizes down (54), from Horse World last year.

helmet size
In order to prevent the purchase of helmets that do not fit as should be, you can find out the proper way on How to Measure Your Head for a Helmet from the Dover Equestrian Library.


•   Affordable

•   Easy to clean

•   Decent ventilation

•   Not bulky

•   Multiple colour options

•   Comfortable & lightweight

•  Comes with string bag

•   Square chin strap

•   Minimal protection

•   Lining flattens (as with any helmet)

•   No hard-case bag

•   Catches dust/sand quickly


Verdict: I would definitely recommend this helmet for schooling and the occasional competitions, especially for those that find difficult to find a helmet, as it is affordable and provides decent protection. HOWEVER, I would suggest investing in a more protective helmet if you do compete often. Safety first!

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