Ariat Tall Boot Bag Review

In my older post, (Maintaining Your Riding Boots), I mention that I have been using the Ariat Tall Boot Bag , which I purchased from Equestrian Collections, to store my Franco Tucci tall boots.

Colours: Black/Tan or Navy/Red

MF00003R-blacktan MF00004R-navyred

You can purchase these locally in the UAE from Gulf Rider (al Awani), in Abu Dhabi Khalideya or their store in Dubai, Khawaneej. They only have the black/tan in stock though, which is why I purchased mine from Equestrian Collections.

Stylish and Convenient Tall Boot Bag

The Ariat® Tall Boot Bag is a stylish tall boot bag that permits convenient transport and protection of your boots. What better way to transport your boots than in style?

This navy and red bag is made of durable polyester canvas.  It is further equipped with sturdy and stylish webbing handles, an outside pocket and an inner boot divider. 


  • Durable poly canvas
  • Webbing handles
  • Pockets
  • Inner boot divider

Size:  25.5″ H x 11.5″ W x 9″ D.

The first thing I noticed when I received the bag was that the front zipper handles were not there as shown in the listing picture, therefore, I made my own out of a hairband:

IMG_3114  IMG_3116

This isn’t important, it only makes it quicker and easier to open the bag. It does have velcro closure as you can see above in order to avoid any dust going into the bag while storing.

There is an outside pocket that is big enough to fit some spurs, gloves, hair net and phone, that is also enclosed with a velcro tab. Personally, I would prefer a zipper for the pockets in order to avoid anything from falling out.

IMG_3105-1   IMG_3106-1

The bag also has a very convenient adjustable shoulder strap which makes it a lot easier to carry with you. The shoulder strap is detachable if you prefer to remove it, you may do so easily with the buckles.

IMG_3109  IMG_3113

On top, you have the ergonomic handles which are tough, durable, and easier to hold than normal webbed handles.

IMG_3112  IMG_3108

On the inside, there is a beautiful silky soft lining with boot dividers,  which avoid the rubbing of your boots during transportation and storage.


It has a bit/stirrup design which gives it a luxury feel. The dividers are attached by velcro, therefore, can be removed, which makes it easier for cleaning the boot bag.

IMG_3121  IMG_3122

Finally, the bottom has four raised corners to avoid the material from getting dirty while upright, as well as providing grip.

IMG_6313  IMG_3107

   Tough Poly canvas (durable)

•   Appealing appearance

•   Double zippers

•   Easy to clean

•   Ergonomic handles

  Inner detachable boot dividers

•   Detachable shoulder strap

•  Raised bottom

•  Big side pocket

•   No ventilation

•   Minimal padding

•  No zipper for outside pocket

•   Front zippers different to how the look in the listing

•  Doesn’t come in a small size (for kids/teenager boots)



Verdict: I really like this bag and would recommend it as it is has inner boot dividers which I find important in order to avoid rubbing. It is tough, easy to carry around, and easy to clean. It also matches the rest of the ariat bag collections too if one wishes to buy the set.

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