Cavallo Fly Rug REVIEW

I was in need of a fly sheet desperately as Tofino developed hives, which could be due to new shavings or bug bites. He sweats quickly, and therefore, wanted something super light.

I came across the Cavallo Fly Rug from Equestrian Solutions which  comes in both Marine and Sand colour, in the following sizes:


S (125 cm), M (135 cm), L (145 cm)XL (155 cm), XXL (165 cm).

I decided to purchase in Marine colour in the size 145cm, as Tofino is in between the M and the L, and they always say to take one size bigger with rugs and sheets.

As soon as I received the Cavallo Fly rug, I really loved the colours and the trim of it, whoever, I quickly noticed that there was no surcingle, which meant that the rug would move a lot!

IMG_6622  IMG_6617

It comes with a single buckle in the front. I am not a fan of how high the buckle sits, I wish it was lower, and had padding in front, and was adjustable.

IMG_6623  IMG_6625

 The front is reinforced with a double mesh layer, however, there is no “shoulder free” stitching. Moreover, the withers are not protected with an anti-rubbing material.

IMG_6703  IMG_6624

 Due to the lack of surcingles as mentioned above, the rug does move up if a strong wind hits, or if he rolls. It tilts very easily unfortunately even though there is a tail cord in the back.

IMG_6629  IMG_6621


•   Appealing appearance

•   Breathable

•   Size Ranges

•   Tail cord

•   Front double layer reinforcement

•   No surcingles

•   One buckle in front + Not adjustable

•  No front buckle padding

•   No anti-rub material on withers

•  No “shoulder free”

•  Twists & turns easily 

Verdict: I am not sure why this is advertised as a fly rug on both the website and the rug itself as it seems to be more of a scrim sheet instead. If you are looking for a scrim sheet I would recommend this product, however, as a fly rug, even though it looks flattering, and has good protection on the body against flies, it does not cover the belly as there are no surcingles, and not to mention the fact that it can twist easily. For now, this will do as a temporary rug while I continue my search for a good, lightweight fly sheet.

IMG_6704  IMG_6701

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