De La Coeur First Impression [REVIEW/HAUL]

It has arrived!! I customized our own ear net a while back from De La Coeur:

De La Coeur is a Canadian-based line of high quality equestrian products for the horse and rider. Based in Oakville, Ontario, De La Coeur began as a family run business – and every fly bonnet is still hand crafted.


Since they are custom hand-made, and all the way from Canada, they do take about 3-5 weeks for production, and 5-10 days for shipping. You can also purchase ready made bonnets.

My custom order was:

  • Long Tie Down Bonnet
  • Cob Size
  • Navy but with Charcoal Ears
  • 1 Line Silver Sparkle Trim
  • 2 Line White Trim
  • 1 Line Navy Sparkle Trim
  • Charcoal Trim Binding

Note: As you can see in the pictures, I am still not sure how to tie it to the Micklem bridle. The bonnet will be placed better once I can tie it down. I did contact DLC and will update on how to do so soon.

IMG_6984  IMG_6993

DLC bonnets have gone through rigorous quality control and testing, with the result being a high end product that will stand the test of time.

IMG_6994  IMG_6985IMG_6995  IMG_7002

DLC was the first company to innovate sound proof ears, using technical fabric lining to muffle sound and block wind – allowing the equine athlete focus on his job, instead of itchy and uncomfortable ear stuffs.

IMG_6986  IMG_7001

I believe these bonnets look stunning on any horse! There are endless customizations to go through which is always great, and also hard to make a decision, but De La Coeur really took their time to help me choose ( thank you Stephanie ❤ ) !

I am keeping this bonnet only for jumping competitions, but I will go back to my figure 8 for Jumping and leave the Micklem for Dressage as the Micklem does not really suit the bonnet well, and Tofino responds the same way in a figure 8 and a Micklem.

I may also consider getting a plain one (which also look so stunning!) for training in the winter months. I would try out the regular square front. It should suit the Micklem too 😀

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