Decathlon Schooling Saddle Cloth [REVIEW]

I got the Decathlon Schooling Saddle Cloth just over 2 years ago as recommended by a friend, from the UAE Decathlon. It comes in a number of colours:

     Charcoal                                                    White                                                 Black

big_462a3a2512bd4f24bf2cd531d10ac970  zoom_369c431f26c740809f3c1bec93c8491c   big_14340200007641059e753baed9ea28f8

    Red                                                     Brown/Baby Blue Trim                Baby Blue/Brown Trim

zoom_d789e8f17be443bcbb136a060076e4b5  big_697e313c32e74d17a4656c8819ed1708    

Note: I am not sure why the images above (from decathlon), except for the baby blue one, don’t show the keepers, only the billet straps. Mine has both the keepers and the billet straps.


    Polyester and cotton fabric that absorbs perspiration.
    A loop for the strap ensures the cloth remains firmly in place under the saddle.
    The cloth can be embroidered on the right or the left.
    Shaped to clear withers.
    Fabric is resistant to wear, sweat and repeated washing.

The saddle pad is sturdy and thin, making it perfect for the summer. It measures 58cm wide and 52 cm high:

Even though I have had this for over two years, it looks really good still! Every time I take it out of the wash, it looks like it is in mint condition.

It does have both billet straps and saddle keepers, avoiding saddle slippage. Due to the simple square design, it is easy to custom embroider it which my friend did for us with Tofino’s full name.

Note: The floor was dusty, making the pad a bit dirty.


There is a FOuganza brand (decathlon brand) embroidered neatly on top. It does absorb sweat pretty well. I do however get the occasional seep through sweat and onto my ThinLine pad. That being said, the UAE’s temperature and humidity levels are rather high.



Even though the saddle pad only comes in a General Purpose Cut, it is simple, classic, and is very affordable at 70AED/19US$ if I recall correctly.

   Basic colour options

   Very affordable 

•   Thin

•   Wither clearance

•   Keepers & Billet straps

•   Good size

•   No drastic sign of wearing

•   Lovely simple design

•   Sweat seeps through

•   Only comes in a Generals Purpose cut

•   Limited colours/trims

Verdict:  If you are on a budget, or need a quick saddle pad, I  would recommend this. It is affordable, long lasting, and simple. Even though it gets hot for the UAE weather, I would use it in the cooler months.

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