eQuest Pro-Fit Overreach Boots [REVIEW]

I got the eQuest Pro-fit Overreach boots (in Medium) from Equestrian Solutions as I was looking for a very protective bell boot that can be used for when I hack and gallop in the desert. Therefore, I needed something that is sturdy, protective, durable, and lightweight.

equest bell boot.jpg

Overreach boots with best fitting and anti-twist knob; protect the hoof and heel from injuries; heavy duty TPU outer material.

Note: You can read about the importance of bell boots/overreach boots here.

The material is super tough which I absolutely love! It has a honeycomb looking exterior and suede like material on the back heel side.

IMG_6880  IMG_6881

It is lightweight and has a strong double velcro closure. The fit was nice and snug on Tofino, and it covers his full heel.

IMG_6871  IMG_6869

During our first ride using these boots, which consisted of only walk and trot, the overreach boots made a good impression,  however, they did attract dust/debris, and for a boot that is advertised as “anti-twist”, they did twist slightly and rise up.


As it twisted slightly in our first ride, I made sure to tighten the velcro to avoid further twisting in our second hack. As we went out, Tofino kept lifting his legs strangely. I looked down and the “no turn” bell boots had turned already. I decided to continue and try it at a canter and see how it goes. Big fail! Once we got back the boots had gone completely out of place, angle wise and height wise! They twisted and went up.

IMG_6875  IMG_6876-1

Once I removed the boots Tofino had very slight cuts. The boots attracted these spiky plant parts which stuck to them and scratched his leg.


I am not sure whether they keep turning on Tofino because he is not shod or not. That could be a reason. If you have tried these please do let me know your personal experience with them. They are nice boots but not suitable for us.


•   Lightweight

•   Double velcro closure

•   Attractive look

•   Turns/Twists

•   Rises up (hence no heel protection)

•   Attracts debris/dust

•   Attracts spiky plant parts

•   Only comes in black

Verdict: I personally would not recommend these overreach boots. I wasn’t too happy with the results and ended up calling Equestrian Solutions to tell them about my experience. They were kind enough to return the boots for me, thankfully. These boots may be good for arena work, despite the fact that they still turn, but definitely not for hacking/trail rides.

Warming Up & Cooling Down Your Horse

No matter the discipline you ride, or the type of excercise you are doing (even lunging), warming up & cooling down you horse is crucial. Always divide your session into 3 elements:

  1. Warm up
  2. Exercise activity
  3. Cool down

The benefits that come with warming up & cooling down are the following:

  • Loosening your horse up
  • Get their blood flowing
  • Move their joints 
  • Engage horses back
  • Move their core
  • Get them listening
  • Increases energy
  • Better utilization of fatty acids
  • Prevent build up of lactic acid in muscles
  • Decreased risk of injury
  • Keeping the horses heart steady
  • Avoid overheating

 The Warm Up:

1. Start walk in long reins with head beneath the withers (long & low) and with alternate paces and diagonals (5-15mins).

2. Pick up the pace and canter around the arena with loose rein and light position (but keep a contact). Try to keep your horses head as low as possible to stretch his back muscles.

3. Trot loose rein in both diagonals while long & low (2-5mins).

3. Begin with large circles then go smaller.

5. Leg yielding, shoulder-ins, and ground poles are extra useful warm ups exercises too.


Note: A rider should warm up too (stretches & bends) before mounting to increase blood flow and flexibility, as well as to decrease the risk of injury.

The Cool Down:

1. Your horse by the end of his exercise will tend to trot fast. Loosen the reins (head low) and gradually reduce the speed (3-5mins).

2. Loosen the girth by one or two holes.

3. Walk long rein (5-15mins).

4. Untack your horse (hose down if necessary) + remove boots/bandages.

5. Hand walk for another 5-10mins (until horses respiration is steady).

6. Let your horse have some water.

Picture 1

Note: Do not apply a sweat rug/cooler rug if the weather is already hot and humid. Only use in cold temperatures. 

 Extra Notes & Tips:

  • Start slow.
  • Do not put your horse away while wet/sweaty.
  • Make sure heels are dry before stabling (to prevent mud fever).
  • Your horse can have grass/hay after cooling down, but wait 45mins- 1 hr to feed your horse grains.
  • The older the horse, the more warm up & cool down they need.
  • Increase warm up & cool down time by 5-10 mins in the winter months as muscles take longer to adapt in lower temperatures.
  • Using an exercise quarter sheet in cooler temperatures helps ease the muscles to loosen.


Prestige Italia A10 Special Girth [REVIEW]

The first, and only, girth I have is the Prestige Italia A10 Special Girth from Al Sakb Equestrian. I did not know much about the different girths available, and the sales person recommended this to me as it is wider than a regular girth, but narrower than a stud girth. The girth comes in both Tabacco brown or Black, with contrast stitching and sizes range from 110 to 145 cm.

The Prestige A10 Special Girth increases the load bearing area under the belly which results in more comfort for the horse and more stability in the saddle. The A10 Special Girth also offers a carabiner in the middle of the girth for easy attachment of loop end martingales as well as three dee hooks for snap end martingales, draw reins and other training aids.

I have had this girth now for 4 years and use it for every ride. For its age, it has held up extremely well which I am very pleased about. It has a middle carabiner which I use for his breastplate as it is secure, quick, and easy to attach. There are also 3 Dee Hooks (left, middle, right) for training aids attachments.

It is very nicely padded and is shaped to allow your horse to move their legs freely. I would say however, that it is slightly on the heavy side for a girth, in my opinion.


That being said, the padding edges does make it hard to clean as hairs and debris does tend to clump up. I normally use a bobbie pin to fit through the edges and clear it out. Moreover, do make sure that you know your horses girth size (equine measuring tapebefore you purchase a girth as this is a size bigger on Tofino. It does fit on to any saddle thankfully, but normally on the highest billet holes.

IMG_6981  photo 3-9

The buckles are roller buckles which makes it so much more convenient when fitting it on as it glides up to the billet hole.

Pros: Cons:

•   3 Dee rings

•   Secure Carabiner 

•   Padded

•   Anatomical

•   Roller buckles

•   Difficult to fully clean edges

•   Slightly heavy

Verdict: I love this girth and I am so glad that I came across it. I would recommend this in a heart beat. It is secure, attractive look, can be used for most disciplines. I am sticking to this girth for now as I am completely satisfied with it. The only time I would change it is if I were to need a dressage girth for a dressage saddle, or when I compete at higher levels, I would be looking into the Prestige Pro-Tech Stud Girth.



Bay Show Jumping Mare for SALE or LEASE:

Name: Bolero
Age: 10 (2005)
Sex: Mare
Colour: Bay
Breed: KWPN
Height: 16’2hh
Sire: Gressini
Dam: Carola

Current Location: United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Bolero is a great 125-130 show jumper. She does have dressage potential as she is forward with great paces.


You can either contact me at TofinoTack@gmail.com or call/text at 050-2345629 / 050-8428888


Beautiful Young Mare for SALE or LEASE:

Name: Hollywood
Age: 7 (2008)
Sex: Mare
Colour: Grey
Breed: Holsteiner
Height: 16’3hh
Sire: Hermes d’Authieux AA
Dam Sire: Corofino II

Current Location: United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Hollywood is not only a beautiful mare, but also has a soft mouth and great paces. She has good jumping scope, and would go on to be an abundant dressage horse.


You can either contact me at TofinoTack@gmail.com or call/text at 050-2345629

Current Tack Cleaning Box TOUR + Mini REVIEW

Regardless of the quality of your tack, keeping it clean and soft is important, not only for your horse’s comfort and health, but also for maintenance, in order to gain the most out of your tack. As you will see below, I have a number of tack cleansers/conditioners that I have purchased over the years:

I keep them all in my Waldhausen Grooming Box that I got from Al Sakb Equestrian. I used to use this as my original grooming box for brushes, but ended up getting the Decathlon Grooming Case as it is stronger, bigger, and can be used as a stool to stand on.

IMG_7396  IMG_7400

I will go through each item and explain the use and give you a small review of each 🙂

Zwipes Microfiber Wax Polishing Kit: 

An automobile cleaning item? What?!.. YES. I picked this up from Ace Hardware as I thought it may be easier to clean my boots with. And it IS! They retail for 20AED/5.45USD and work great in my opinion for boot cleaning. I use 1 sponge for cleaner, 1 sponge for conditioner, and the microfiber cloth for buffing. I would recommend you try a kit.


Belvoir Tack Cleaner & Conditioner Spray:

I brought this from Dubai Pet Food because I heard good things about it, especially since they’re advertised to be anti-fungal. However, it did disappoint me. The cleaner leaves a blotchy residue and the conditioner doesn’t spread too well. I am not sure if I got a faulty set but they are not cleaners I would recommend.


Belvoir Tack Cleaner Wipes:

This comes in a pack of 15 and was pretty expensive for tack wipes to be honest (49AED/13USD)! I got them the same time as I got the cleaner and conditioner (dubaipetfood) as I thought they could be useful to keep in my tall boot bag and just wipe my boots once I am done riding. I use them more for shows where I would walk around more in my boots as I change into sneakers at home when not riding and use the Tucci Cream instead. I would recommend them for show use as it is convenient, however, I would also suggest you condition your boots once you get home to  get rid of the residue and to avoid drying.


Lexol Cleanser:

I usually use the LEXOL Dressing as it doesn’t change the colour of your tack (e.g.. make it darker). But there was no stock and I needed a cleanser at the time that I purchased this. I prefer using this cleanser over the Belvoir as it spreads easy and leaves tack soft without residue. I actually sometimes use this without conditioner. If you have black tack, I would recommend this. However, if it’s brown, I would suggest the LEXOL Dressing.


Tucci Boot Cream:

Absolutely  love this! Since I have Franco Tucci boots (Cavalos UAE), they work well together and leaves them shiny and looking new. It is not tinted which means you can use it on both brown or black tack. I have not tried it on other items, only my boots. So if you have Tucci boots, I would recommend this for sure.


Veredus Curium Balsam:

I actually received this, also from Cavalos UAE, with my Franco Tucci boots as the Tucci cream did not arrive at the same time. I do use this on my Vereuds boots and my bridles. I feel like it is absorbed well and makes my tack more subtle, yet not flimsy. I would highly recommend this and I am planning on purchasing another tub once it’s finished.


Prestige Leather Balsam:

As I have mentioned many times in earlier posts, it is always best to use balsams and conditioners of the brand you tack is from. That way, you don’t accidentally use on that makes your tack darker, or flimsy, or too oily etc. I got this from Al Mandara (in Ajman), which is also where I ordered my saddle. It does come with a sponge inside which is super convenient. I haven’t used this yet as my saddle, as it has not yet arrived, however, my friend does use it on her LUX prestige and it does look like it helps to maintain the grip, look, and feel of the saddle. I will update you more on it once I try it but I would recommend getting it if you have a Prestige Italia saddle.


TRUST Shoe Polish Set:

This does come with a polish, microfiber cloth, and two brushes. The polish dried super fast and it was black, so can’t be used on another colour. The microfiber cloth peeling for buffing. I got this from Al Sakb Equestrian, and only use the brushes now since they’re also nice for buffing boots. I don’t use this often, only when I really need to deep clean. I would not recommend this as you can use an old dandy/hard bristle brush to be honest.


Hydrophane Leather Darkening Oil:

I got this from Equestrian Collections for my FreeJump Stirrup Leathers as they were light brown. My tack is Tabacco brown and I needed to make them darker but gradually. This does the trick! It darkens slightly with every coat you put on. That way, you can control how dark you wish your tack to be. I would recommend this if you need to darken your items as it does work well.

I currently have my eyes on the Leovet Foam All in One as recommended by a friend. I have never tried any of their products before (shampoo, fly spray, hoof oil, silver ointment, etc.) but they seem promising.


Hope this helps! Do let me know if you have any good or bad experiences with either any of these products, or other brands that you have used.

Cheers 🙂