Equine Couture Stars & Stripes Breeches [REVIEW] + Old VS New Model

The Stars & Stripes breeches from Equine Couture are one of my favorite riding pants. They come in Black, Charcoal, Military Olive, Safari, and White, with sizes range from 24US to 34US. The pair I purchased are the Military Olive from Equestrian Collections:



  • Front zip knee patch breeches
  • Silicon paneling knee patches
  • Coolmax® fabric
  • Contrast stitching on belt loops
  • Star embroidery along front and back pocket
  • Two front and two back pockets
  • CS2 bottoms for perfect fit in boots

Material:  80% Polyester, 12% Coolmax®, 8% Lycra.

These breathable breeches contain Coolmax® which helps to move perspiration away from the body, and through the fabric, where it can evaporate quickly, allowing the wearer to feel cooler and more comfortable.  In addition, these fashionable breeches will help you stand out in a crowd and fit comfortably while riding. Contrast stitching on the belt loops, star embroidery along the front and back pocket, along with other unique patches throughout make these breeches a stylish addition to your showing attire. Additional features include two front and two back pockets and the Comfort sock System(CS2), which creates leg bottoms that are made to fit any length and make a  perfect fit in your boots.

Note: These Stars & stripes are the first edition (2014) model. There is a new 2015 model which I am not too fond of (explained at the end).

I love the overall look and details of these breeches. They fit tight yet stretchy, leaving freedom to move around. The front pockets are deep enough to fit your phone it while riding comfortably. The contrast of the colours is a plus, and the silicone knee patches are a good grip. That being said, if you zoom into the knee patch image below, you will find that there needed to be some re-stitching, as they do come undone after months of use.

IMG_2011  IMG_2012

Pocket lining is red and white, whereas the picture advertised is just white. The button has a shiny crystal and there is an Equine Couture logo tab hanging off the belt loop. These are low waist, wide band breeches that can hold a 1.5″ (3.81cm) belt maximum. The waist band also has some stretch, making it more comfortable for sitting and riding. The back of the breeches consist of a euro seat lining with two pockets which do open and can fit a phone/treats.

IMG_2013  IMG_2016

The cut and fit of the stars & stripes is rather flattering and neat. The material is great through the year and feels light, yet sturdy; however, it is not suitable for the hot and humid summers here in Dubai. That being said, what breeches are? Except for the very thin ones. They do come in a CS2 bottom which fit super well! I am glad as sometimes other CS2 bottoms are too loose and obviously cannot be adjusted. These fit perfectly. They are originally white, but did get coloured in the wash which isn’t an issue for me really as socks/boots always cover them up.

IMG_2014  IMG_2015

   Good fit

•   Low rise

•   Wide waist

•   Stretchy

•   Colour + Size options

•   CS2 bottoms (that fit!)

•   Silicone knee patch

•   4 usable pockets

•   Light feel

•   Great value for money!

•   Stitching loosens after a number of months

•   Coolmax not cool enough for Dubai weather

•   CS2 bottoms stain

 •   Front pockets not as advertised in picture (stripes red, not white)

Verdict: The first edition model of the Stars & Stripes breeches are on my top favorite list of breeches to ride in. The positives really outweigh the negatives for me and I would definitely recommend them if you can get your hands on them!

I have not been able to find this model (2014 edition) in any store now which is very disappointing as they are a much nicer fit, material, and cut that the newer ones 😦 . If you do know where to get the older models please let me know as I wish to purchase the other colours ❤ .

Old VS New Stars & Stripes:

The New Stars & Stripes has a different cut and material than the older one. On the plus side, the knee patch is integrated and double stitched from the inside to reassure they do not come off as the first edition does after hard use. The CS2 bottoms are black on the new model , avoiding staining. Nonetheless, the overall material used on the new breeches, especially the waistband, did not have enough give/stretch in my opinion. This made it very uncomfortable to move in for me so I ended up selling them.

Old                                              New


As you can see from the back side, the old model has bigger pockets, and a smaller euro seat, making it more flattering. I tried the New model, and was not fond of the way it fit me. Moreover, the pockets are shorter, thinner, and smaller, which does not allow you to fit your phone.

Old                                                                      New


Again, if you do know where I can purchase more of the old model please let me know in the comment section below, or email me at TofinoTack@gmail.com 

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