Schockemoehle Sporty Design Bell/Overreach Boots [REVIEW]

I was looking for everyday use bell boots/overreach boots that would last me a while as most seem to get destroyed very quickly. You can read on the Importance of Overreach/Bell Boots in an older post I wrote, which also includes a list of those available here in the UAE.

I stumbled upon the Schockemoehle Sporty Design Bell Boots from Equestrian Solutions back in December 2014 and decided to give them a go.
They come in 3 different colours with sizes ranging from S, M, L, XL, XXL:

     Black                                               Brown                                          White

These BELL BOOTS consist of a durable outer material, combined with softly padded neoprene lining and therefore guarantee perfect fit, protection and stability. The logo at the velcro underlines the sportive character of this product.


  • Made of soft neoprene covered with durable PU material
  • Protects hoof perfectly against injuries
  • Good fitting through strong Velcro
  • Extra soft edge prevents irritations

These Schockemoehle boots have a very simple design with a shiny coat. I love the way they look when clean, however they do get dirty as soon as you step into the arena. That being said, they are easy to wash and dry fast. They fit Tofino very well (size M), covering the heel at all times, without rising up.

IMG_2865  IMG_3160

The top is padded and super soft, preventing any rubs. The neoprene shell of the boot is not rigid, therefore, I would not recommend these for intense riding, e.g, Eventing, Endurance, as they are not protective enough, in my opinion, for such occasions. They are great for everyday, with durable double velcro closures, and not to mention how super light they are!

IMG_3162  IMG_3163

I am still looking for overreach boots that are tough, lightweight, durable for more protection in certain situations such as intense hacking. These have not failed us and Tofino does not get bruised anymore as they offer good protection for everyday use. And unlike the eQuest boots, they do not get spiky plant stuck on the inside whilst hacking, which cut the legs which is a great plus.

Moreover, since they are the regular overreach boots with no nub to prevent them from twisting, they can turn but still cover the heel completely at all times.

Pros: Cons:
   Great fit

•   Padded (no rubbing)

•   Strong velcro closure

•   Great for everyday use

•   Durable

•   Lightweight

•   Attracts dirt quickly

•   Not as protective for intense riding


Verdict: Even though they may not be super protective, I would recommend these boots for everyday use as they are durable and lightweight with great, no rub fit. I do hope that Schockemoehle does come up with a tougher design as their quality is great.

An alternative, cheaper option to these boots would be the HorZe ProBell All Purpose boots (haven’t tried), or, for more protection, the HorZe Neoprene ProBell boots, which in my experience do not last too long before getting torn, but would recommend them for intense work.

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