Custom Name Plate for Stall/Stable/Locker [REVIEW]

Some barns here offer name plates for each stable, or printed names. The barn I am at simply prints your horses name and your name and laminates it. Which isn’t bad to be honest, but I just wanted something elegant and pretty.

I came across an engraver shop at Etsy, which is a website dedicated to hand-made or vintage items about two years ago. The seller, Dianne Russel (shop: ENGRAVER1), custom engraves many things, alongside stall plates. I decided to customize a stall plate for Tofino and I, for only 54AED/14.5US$ (excluding shipping), and this is the end result:

I chose the Horse Stall Plates 2×8 listing with Diamond cut-fine line engraving. I decided to go for the Black background, with Roman font top line, and Script font bottom line in Gold, and tape attachment instead of screws, with no plate holder. I was surprised at how light it was which is great, not only for shipping, but also if you wish to attach it to a locker.

The 2×8 size is a perfect fit for the stable, or tack locker. You can get up to 3 lines which I had done so for a friend of mine, and it still looked neat.


There are a number of different options to choose from (Pics from engraver1):

1.Colour                                                              2. Size & Font

il_570xN.263227388  il_570xN.263227358

3. Tape or Screw                                              4. Plate Holder

il_570xN.196434377  il_570xN.293627598

You can go for a bigger size if you wish to also include your horse’s breed, or health warning, your number, etc. OR you can also for for a smaller size if you just want to have your initials to attach to tack items. You can contact the seller, Dianne, directly, she is super kind and replies in good time.

Pros: Cons:

•   Great price

•   Fully customizable

•   Fast shipping + International

•   Durable, no wearing

•   Easy to wipe clean

•   Easy to attach

•   Lightweight

•   Literally nothing!

Verdict: I am so glad I was able to find ENGRAVER1 as I have never been disappointed with all the orders I purchased. I brought 3 other stall plates for my friends and a few bookmarks too with no regret. I would definitely recommend these stall plates!

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