21 Equestrian Gift Ideas

I thought it may be useful to put together a list of items that one can get for a horse lover/owner.

Note: Links and shops provided below are only examples of items shown. There are multiple suppliers of the following gifts.

1. Monograms

Personally Preppy
Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 7.19.15 PM

2. Custom Saddle Pad

Trendy Horse Dubai

3. Equestrian Books

(you can check out my equine book collection post here for ideas)


4. Show Luggage Set

(boots, jacket, saddle, bridle, helmet)


5. Grooming Brush Set

il_570xN.615921647_33cm  il_570xN.661219063_gw6k


 6. Mini Product Sets

Ecolicious EquestrianIMG_4350

7. Head Collar/Halter


8. Custom Name Plate / Stall Sign


9. Riding Socks

Kingsland Equestrian IMG_4099

10. Engraved Jewelry

(necklace, bracelet, keychain, etc.)


11. Drawing/Painting of Your Horse

12. Photo-shoot Session


13. Custom Photo on Mug/Cup

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 8.30.13 PM

14. Custom Phone Case

15. Tack Store Gift Voucher

Online Tack shops/stores  +  UAE Tack shops/Stores


16. Horsey Attire

(hoodies, shirts, dresses, etc.)
Cavalleria Toscana from Cavalos UAE10433941_563955277058678_7587420636605012222_n

17. Equestrian Attire

(breeches, polos, belts, etc.)


18. Dressage Stock/Pin

19. Horse treats

DIY Horse TreatsIMG_1829

20. Custom Fly Veil

De La Coeur

21. Browband


ss_bro006browband-diamante-v_blu ss_bro350_diamantebrowband_ppl


Happy shopping 😀

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