Leovet: Bio-Skin Oil SkinCare [REVIEW]

Every summer, Tofino tends to get these rubs on his face where he loses his hair. I have tried coconut oil and it did seem to help but not fast enough. So I looked into commercial products and found the Leovet Bio-Skin Oil from Equestrian Solutions. It retails for 110AED/29.95USD, however I got it in their summer sale for 60AED/16.3USD.


Effective help for summer eczema Natural ingredients like marigold, carrot and St. John´s wort regenerate and restore damaged skin areas and stimulate hair growth on bald spots. A luxurious, long-lasting lotion that soothes bothersome itching and deters rubbing. Regenerates the skin.

There are no other ingredients listed either on the label or online unfortunately which I am not too fond of.

Day 1: Still pretty pink and looks raw. Again, I am not sure whether this is due to scratching or from the heat.

  IMG_9305  IMG_9377

Day 2: It is less pink and looks lighter which means there is minimal hair growth again.

IMG_9303  IMG_9439

Day 3: Improvement in the surface area affected and again, less pink and looks lighter, which means more hair growth.

IMG_9376  IMG_9337

Day 4: His hair already grown out and only slight pink flesh left. Great improvement!

IMG_9487  IMG_9486

Day 5: It is basically nearly completely healed by the 5th day!

IMG_9617   IMG_9768

This is a great product for horses suffering with certain skin conditions as it soothes and encourages skin/cell growth. The bottle is very generous and would last a very long time as a little goes a long way.

Do be careful though and do a sample test on your horse before applying generously. I myself had a reaction to my hand which i presume is from St. John´s wort.

Pros: Cons:
   Works very fast

•  Generous bottle

•  Spreads easily

•  Eliminates scratching

•  Grows hair fast

•   Pricey (but you can get it on sales)

•  No ingredients listed

•  May cause an allergy (always test first)

Verdict: I would definitely recommend this for anyone who’s horse has skin issues. It works surprisingly well and fast. As mentioned above, i had a skin reaction to the product and need to use with with gloves, but Tofino has no issue whatsoever.

Getting Back in Shape: Building Horse Muscles

When your horse has had a holiday, whether it be due to the weather, an injury, a vacation etc., they are bound to lose shape and muscle. There are a number of techniques one can use to help rebuild muscles and help get your horse back into their shape.

Note: Even if a horse is on holiday, it is best to make sure they continue to keep moving. Either lung, hand walk, walker, let loose out.

Free Lunge

Always free lunge a horse a few times before riding when coming back from a break. This insures not only your safety but it also allows your horse to stretch out (don’t forget to warm them up first).

IMG_9777  IMG_9790

Warm up & Cool down

Once you’re riding again, make sure you start with a proper warm up, and end with a proper cool down. Start slow and ride loose for the first few of rides. (Details on: warming up & cooling down your horse).


Up & Down Hills

Make the most of the nature around you and try to go on as many trail rides as possible. Walking on a number of surfaces helps strengthen your horses legs, and going up and down hill (walking makes them use themselves more) help build their back and hind muscles. (only trot in the desert if sand is NOT deep). You can read more on the Necessity & Safety of Hacking here.

IMG_7103  IMG_7104

Ground Work

Use cavalettis,  ground poles, and weave through cones to help your horse use their hind, back, and gain flexibility. You can do trot poles, canter poles, low cavaletti jumps, then upgrade to small cross-poles.

IMG_1933  IMG_1937


Change transitions from walk, extended walk, trot, extended trot, canter etc. This helps to encourage your horse to bring his hind under and carry himself better and rounder.


Lateral Exercises

Even though it takes years for a horse and rider to perfect lateral exercises, try leg yielding, half passes, turning on forehand, shoulder fore and shoulder ins to help develop balance, coordination and a round frame.


Note: make sure you increase your horses feed gradually as they get more and more exercise.

Hope this helps 🙂

GIVEAWAY! ft.Cavalos Equine Care & Supplies

Hi everyone!

Firstly, thank you so much for the amazing page hits that just keep growing <3.  Secondly, I am very excited to announce that I am officially sponsored by Cavalos Equine Care & Supplies, for Reverdy Feed. YAY! Cavalos is based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, but they do deliver within the UAE. They have a very knowledgeable and welcoming team that are always a delight to work with 🙂

Cavalos Equine Care & Supplies provides top quality exclusive products for horses and riders. We offer brands such as Reverdy horsefeed, Nobilevet and HPL supplements. Cavalleria Toscana fashion, Tucci boots and mini chaps. Setzi saddles and Pariani saddles. KEP, Jin Stirrup and LAS Helmets. Razza Pura Endurance Underwear. Handmade Show halters and Saluki collars.

In order to celebrate that, and that I officially have a domain name (tofinotack.com), Cavalos have been kind enough to offer a  brand new, beautiful, Black, Burioni Saddle Pad, for a competition giveaway!



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Decathlon Fouganza Grooming Box [REVIEW]

I was looking for a grooming box that is spacious and one that you can use as a step up. I came across the Fouganza GB700 Horse Riding Case here in Decathlon Dubai. The box comes in a number of different colours, but at the time, they only had Black or Brown. It retails for 150AED/ 41$US. 


Large volume and compartment: ideal for carrying brushes and a halter and separating care products. Step-stool function, max. load 80 kg.


  • Height 30 cm
  • Width 48 cm
  • Depth 32 cm


  • Approx 30L, with room to stand bottles and sprays upright.


  • Step-stool function, max. load 80 kg, ideal for mane plaiting. Padlock.


  • Max. content weight 15 kg.


  • Inside tray with cover for storing hoof oil brush. Crop holder.

IMG_9014  IMG_9015
As mentioned above, this is a big tack box and can withstand the weight of an average person. It also has two latches on both top sides of the box to hold a whip. Because I got it in black however, every single speck shows on it which really bothers me because I have to clean it so often.

  IMG_9018  IMG_9019
You can place a lock on the opening and closing which is convenient if you want to take it to shows or travel. I did find that the latch is super fragile and it broke off within the first month of having the box. I do use it everyday as it has the basic necessities but I am disappointed that it broke of so quickly. I did try to glue it back on, but it just kept breaking off. Once it breaks, you cant use the top handle to carry the box.

IMG_9020  IMG_9024
As you can tell, my box is so packed! Full of brushes, treats, medications, sprays etc. Remember that the more you put in the heavier it gets! The box is separated into 3 parts: 2 bottom sections and a top removable section.  I leave the smaller bottom section for tendon and fetlock boots (which were in use whilst these pictures were taken). The top section has a specialized closed lid for your hoof brush or oil brush which is super convenient. You can also choose to completely remove the top tray if you do not wish to use it as seen below:

Pros: Cons:

•   Multiple compartments

•  Can be used as stool

•   Removable tray


•   Fragile latch

•   Gets heavy

Verdict: I personally still love this box. It doesn’t feel flimsy (except for latch), and fits a lot! I would recommend the tack box, HOWEVER, I hope you have better luck with the latch than I did 🙂

Wahl Moser Artiko Clipping Machine [REVIEW]

I don’t know about you, but I personally clip Tofino about every 6-8 weeks, not only due to the fact that he sweats quickly, but I also like the way it looks.

I used to use the clubs clipping machine which was Oster, but it overheated so quickly, was shake, heavy and I didn’t like it whatsoever. So I checked the market and found the Wahl Moser Artiko from Sakb Equestrian. This was back in 2012, so I am not sure if they still have it or not, but I do know that City Knights in Sharjah club has tons of options for amazing prices.


The clipper is supplied in a spaciously designed plastic custom made carry case for the storage of the machine and accessories which include the blade, blade oil, and brush.

Key features include:

  • German made
  • Professional horse clipper
  • Mains powered 45w 220/240v motor
  • Ceramic powdered wide 2.3mm blade set
  • Detachable blade
  • No blade tensioning
  • Exceptionally quiet
  • Small compact hand piece
  • Ultra light
  • Reliable with low maintenance
  • One-year guarantee

As mentioned above, it does come in its own padded carry case that closes with two front clips. This is a great plus as it keeps the machine and accessories safe and clean.

IMG_9389   IMG_9382
I changed the oil bottle as it kept spilling, and instead use a spray which makes it easier to use. As you can tell, the machine is not large and fits comfortably in hand. It is SUPER light which makes a big difference as clipping does take a while. I did go for the corded machine, even though there is a cordless version of this, but I prefer not to worry about charging and have it always ready.

IMG_9381   IMG_9385 
It does come with a wide blade (blue one), but it doesn’t cut short enough to my liking, therefore, I use the Oster 30 (leaves 0.5mm hair) or Oster 15 (leaves 1.2mm hair) depending on the time of year. Yes, even though this brand is Moser, it does fit Oster clipping blades which is a great plus as they are easier to find everywhere. You can purchase the wide oster blade, but again, i prefer small in order to get to every part precisely. 

IMG_9388  IMG_9387
Changing the blades is super easy due to its quick release system where you simply press on the grey button upwards and pull the blade. No screws needed which is very convenient not only for switching blades, but also cleaning.

IMG_9383  IMG_9386
The clippers come with 3 settings: Speed 1, OFF, and Speed 2. I always use speed 1 to start with then increase the speed after machine is warmed up. The vibration is very minimal and does not disrupt or hurt your hand thankfully. It is fairly quiet and this helps a lot when it comes to clipping the face. It does have two vents at the bottom to keep it from overheating. The blade does get hot during clipping like any other, therefore, I would recommend you keep some rubbing alcohol on the side and place the blade in for a few seconds, every 10 minutes during clipping to cool it.

Pros: Cons:
   Light & Compact

•   Affordable

•   Low vibrations

•  Quiet

•   2 Speed settings

•   Carry case & accessories 

•   Fits other brand blades

•   Flexible Cord


•   Blades heats up  

•   Original blade it comes with doesn’t clip short enough (to my liking)

Verdict: Very happy with this purchase. I would definitely recommend this clipping machine, especially for spooky horses. I have had this for 3 years and it is still going strong, thankfully!

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