Wahl Moser Artiko Clipping Machine [REVIEW]

I don’t know about you, but I personally clip Tofino about every 6-8 weeks, not only due to the fact that he sweats quickly, but I also like the way it looks.

I used to use the clubs clipping machine which was Oster, but it overheated so quickly, was shake, heavy and I didn’t like it whatsoever. So I checked the market and found the Wahl Moser Artiko from Sakb Equestrian. This was back in 2012, so I am not sure if they still have it or not, but I do know that City Knights in Sharjah club has tons of options for amazing prices.


The clipper is supplied in a spaciously designed plastic custom made carry case for the storage of the machine and accessories which include the blade, blade oil, and brush.

Key features include:

  • German made
  • Professional horse clipper
  • Mains powered 45w 220/240v motor
  • Ceramic powdered wide 2.3mm blade set
  • Detachable blade
  • No blade tensioning
  • Exceptionally quiet
  • Small compact hand piece
  • Ultra light
  • Reliable with low maintenance
  • One-year guarantee

As mentioned above, it does come in its own padded carry case that closes with two front clips. This is a great plus as it keeps the machine and accessories safe and clean.

IMG_9389   IMG_9382
I changed the oil bottle as it kept spilling, and instead use a spray which makes it easier to use. As you can tell, the machine is not large and fits comfortably in hand. It is SUPER light which makes a big difference as clipping does take a while. I did go for the corded machine, even though there is a cordless version of this, but I prefer not to worry about charging and have it always ready.

IMG_9381   IMG_9385 
It does come with a wide blade (blue one), but it doesn’t cut short enough to my liking, therefore, I use the Oster 30 (leaves 0.5mm hair) or Oster 15 (leaves 1.2mm hair) depending on the time of year. Yes, even though this brand is Moser, it does fit Oster clipping blades which is a great plus as they are easier to find everywhere. You can purchase the wide oster blade, but again, i prefer small in order to get to every part precisely. 

IMG_9388  IMG_9387
Changing the blades is super easy due to its quick release system where you simply press on the grey button upwards and pull the blade. No screws needed which is very convenient not only for switching blades, but also cleaning.

IMG_9383  IMG_9386
The clippers come with 3 settings: Speed 1, OFF, and Speed 2. I always use speed 1 to start with then increase the speed after machine is warmed up. The vibration is very minimal and does not disrupt or hurt your hand thankfully. It is fairly quiet and this helps a lot when it comes to clipping the face. It does have two vents at the bottom to keep it from overheating. The blade does get hot during clipping like any other, therefore, I would recommend you keep some rubbing alcohol on the side and place the blade in for a few seconds, every 10 minutes during clipping to cool it.

Pros: Cons:
   Light & Compact

•   Affordable

•   Low vibrations

•  Quiet

•   2 Speed settings

•   Carry case & accessories 

•   Fits other brand blades

•   Flexible Cord


•   Blades heats up  

•   Original blade it comes with doesn’t clip short enough (to my liking)

Verdict: Very happy with this purchase. I would definitely recommend this clipping machine, especially for spooky horses. I have had this for 3 years and it is still going strong, thankfully!

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