Decathlon Fouganza Grooming Box [REVIEW]

I was looking for a grooming box that is spacious and one that you can use as a step up. I came across the Fouganza GB700 Horse Riding Case here in Decathlon Dubai. The box comes in a number of different colours, but at the time, they only had Black or Brown. It retails for 150AED/ 41$US. 


Large volume and compartment: ideal for carrying brushes and a halter and separating care products. Step-stool function, max. load 80 kg.


  • Height 30 cm
  • Width 48 cm
  • Depth 32 cm


  • Approx 30L, with room to stand bottles and sprays upright.


  • Step-stool function, max. load 80 kg, ideal for mane plaiting. Padlock.


  • Max. content weight 15 kg.


  • Inside tray with cover for storing hoof oil brush. Crop holder.

IMG_9014  IMG_9015
As mentioned above, this is a big tack box and can withstand the weight of an average person. It also has two latches on both top sides of the box to hold a whip. Because I got it in black however, every single speck shows on it which really bothers me because I have to clean it so often.

  IMG_9018  IMG_9019
You can place a lock on the opening and closing which is convenient if you want to take it to shows or travel. I did find that the latch is super fragile and it broke off within the first month of having the box. I do use it everyday as it has the basic necessities but I am disappointed that it broke of so quickly. I did try to glue it back on, but it just kept breaking off. Once it breaks, you cant use the top handle to carry the box.

IMG_9020  IMG_9024
As you can tell, my box is so packed! Full of brushes, treats, medications, sprays etc. Remember that the more you put in the heavier it gets! The box is separated into 3 parts: 2 bottom sections and a top removable section.  I leave the smaller bottom section for tendon and fetlock boots (which were in use whilst these pictures were taken). The top section has a specialized closed lid for your hoof brush or oil brush which is super convenient. You can also choose to completely remove the top tray if you do not wish to use it as seen below:

Pros: Cons:

•   Multiple compartments

•  Can be used as stool

•   Removable tray


•   Fragile latch

•   Gets heavy

Verdict: I personally still love this box. It doesn’t feel flimsy (except for latch), and fits a lot! I would recommend the tack box, HOWEVER, I hope you have better luck with the latch than I did 🙂

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