Cavalleria Toscana Haul ft. Cavalos

Back in early September, I mentioned the  Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition that Cavalos Equine Care & Supplies participated in (click here for post). Thankfully, I got to getting a few goodies from Cavalos that were on sale!


Cavalleria Toscana Technical Jumping Saddle Pad:

It is a very dark navy colour, with black and red binding 😍.


I am absolutely in love with this pad, not only due to its elegant look, but also the technology behind it!

IMG_1001  IMG_1002

Cavalleria Toscana really put their thoughts into their products as their attention to detail is impeccable ❤

IMG_1004  IMG_1006

Cavalleria Toscana Lightweight Water resistant Hoodie:

Winter is just around the corner and i cannot wait to be able to wear this! It not only looks great on for riding, but also casual wear with two discreet front pockets.

IMG_1008   IMG_1014

This is a slim fit jacket, even though i am always an XS in CT, I went for the S to give me freedom whilst riding. The stretch on the wrists and and the sits of the hip makes it a little more of a custom fit if need be.

IMG_1012  IMG_1013

Again, their attention to detail makes the jacket all the more elegant and beautiful ❤

IMG_1011  IMG_1010

Cavalleria Toscana Team Sweater Hoodie:

I am obsessed with hoodies, and this one is so comfortable! It isn’t fleece lined, which i personally prefer. It is a front zip, making it easier to put on and take off without having to remove your helmet.

IMG_1015  IMG_1016

It is made of Bi-Stretch material, making it easy to move your arms comfortably. If you pay attention, you will notice that even the zipper is the CT logo!

IMG_1018  IMG_1019

The elastic on the wrists and the bottom makes it easier to ride with as you can place it over the belt and it will still stay in place.

IMG_1020  IMG_1017

You can purchase these items and more at Cavalos Equine Care & Supplies. You can give them a call at 00971-50-476-4676 or email them at They are a super friendly team and always willing to assist you 😀

Happy Mouth Contour Eggbutt with Double Joint Roller [REVIEW]

I use the Happy Mouth bit whenever my Nathe bit needs replacing (as i order online, it takes time). It doesn’t come close to how good the Nathe is of course, but here is my review:

The Happy Mouth Contour Eggbutt with Double Joint Roller is Apple flavour which always encourages your horse to “accept” the bit. 


They are rather expensive for their lack of durability, retailing at approximately 207AED/57USD$.

NEW for 2014 from the happy mouth range comes a revolutioniary new design to provide comfort and improve control.The contour bit is molded and shaped to fit the configuration of the equine mouth. The double joint reduces physical pressure on the horse and increased surface contact area of the bit against the most sensitive part of the horse results in far better control.

The Description on the Happy Mouth Bit is as follows:

1. Due to advance technology modern scientists have developed an “Engineering” or “SPACE AGE” plastic, to be used in a variety of industries. We have chosen the most DURABLE, NON – TOXIC, FLEXIBLE, and LONG LASTING polyurethane plastic for our HAPPY MOUTH BIT, which proves a nice, SOFT, GENTLE touch to the horses mouth.

2. One unique characteristic of this revolutionary bit is the apple flavour, which has been added to the plastic; as we have discovered many horses instantly recognise this flavour, and hence readily accept the bit without resistance. This has been illustrated in various countries over the last 10 years by an increase in the usage of the HAPPY MOUTH BIT, proving the overwhelming success of the idea.

3. Consequently, the increase in demand for the HAPPY MOUTH BIT is evidence enough that it has become widely accepted by both the customer and more importantly the horse – which translates to us as complete satisfaction.
A happy horse is one that uses the HAPPY MOUTH BIT.

As mentioned above, I use it alternatively when waiting for our bit to arrive and the reason being is that they do not last long whatsoever!

IMG_3958  IMG_3959

I like that it is contoured to the mouth and that it is apple flavor, but what is the use when it will not last more than 1 month of riding?  Within the first ride, the bit dented, and got worse from there.

IMG_3960  IMG_3961

The “space age plastic” should be soft and flexible but it feels very hard, and when there are dents, it becomes sharp, and therefore, must not be used on any horse, which is why I mentioned that it is not so durable.

I got the bit from TheHorseBitShop and tried to contact them multiple times, after literally 1 week of riding but they never replied back to me about my issue. I thought it may be a faulty piece, and therefore, I ordered again, this time from HorseBitBank, but we had the same issue. No happy horse, not happy customer.

Pros: Cons:

•  Apple Flavour

•  Contoured to the horses mouth

• Double joint reduces pressure 

• No pinching

•   Pricey (for the lack of durability)

•  Not durable

•  Hard plastic

•  Not flexible (as advertised)

Verdict: I would NOT recommend this bit as a staple in the tack room. For alternative or temporary use, it will do. But if your horse is sensitive or young I would stick to the Nathe brand as they are much softer yet sturdy, and more durable.

Equine Phone Applications

I thought  it may be useful to share with you a  list of Equine related iphone applications 🙂  Most, but not all, are from the list provided by TheEquinest which I thought would be helpful.

They are cut down into six categories:

  1. Equine Medical and Health
  2. Informative Equine
  3. Dressage
  4. FEI EquiTests
  5. iHorseRider Training
  6. Equine Magazines

Note: there are many more apps but I tried to narrow it down as much as possible, and some apps are only available in certain countries unfortunately. 

1. Equine Medical and Health

 Equine Veterinary Education

iphone_shelf_2xEquine Veterinary Education provides practical educational articles on diagnosis and treatment for equine veterinary clinicians. This information is provided in Case Reports accompanied by Clinical Commentaries, which expand on the subject discussed in the report, as well as Original Articles.

EquiVitals - StudioEq
Created by Wiley Publishing

 Equine GI & Abdomen Flashcards

mzl.axdjhusqDesigned for people interested in the anatomy of the horse, this app includes stunning 3-D anatomic illustrations and descriptions in an intuitive flashcard format.

EquiVitals - StudioEq
Created by Science In 3D, Inc

 Equine Drugs

Equine DrugsDeveloped by a vet this handy app covers 535 dose regiments for 358 different horse drugs. Features keyword search, dose calculator & notes for each entry.

Equine Drugs - Equine Advances Ltd
Created by Equine Advances Ltd


EquiVitalsA great tool for horse owners EquiVitals teaches users how to assess 7 vital signs of horse health, temperature, pulse, respiration, gut sounds, dehydration, capillary refill time and mucous membranes.

EquiVitals - StudioEq
Created by StudioEq

FEI CleanSport Equine Prohibited Substances

FEI CleanSport Equine Prohibited SubstancesAccess the FEI Prohibited Substances Database from the palm of your hand. It should be noted that the app list is not exhaustive but contains the most popular trade names in certain countries.

FEI CleanSport Equine Prohibited Substances Database -
Created by

Horse Anatomy: Equine 3D

541355_largerExplore the anatomy of the horse in 3D space. This app covers superficial landmarks, muscles, bones, and the organs. Each structure is clearly labeled, with a close-up view, detailed text commentary and audio pronunciation.

EquiVitals - StudioEq
Created by Real Bodywork

Horse Medicine

Horse MedicineThis is a flashcard app that helps teach users about equine ailments and how to treat them with the appropriate medications.

Horse Medicine - simpaddico llc
Created by simpaddico llc

MP Equine

Equine AcuPointsA working or study tool which allows users to leave their books & charts at home. This app provides clear images, point classifications & common acupoints for specific conditions.

Equine AcuPoints - Tallgrass Publishers, LLC
Created by Tallgrass Publishers, LLC

Rossdales Guide to Equine Clinical Pathology

Rossdales Lab Guide: The electronic adaptation of Rossdales booklet ‘Beaufort Cottage Laboratories Guide to Equine Clinical Pathology’.

EquiVitals - StudioEq
Created by Nfonix

VetMed EQ

VetMed EQCreated for equine veterinarians, this application provides current drug information and dosing calendar. Should be used under the discretion of a vet.

VetMed EQ - FES Solutions
Created by FES Solutions

VetPDA Calcs

VetPDA CalcsCreated by the University of California, Davis this app contains 21 useful calculators for veterinary students and professionals.

VetPDA Calcs - University of California, Davis
Created by University of California, Davis

2. Informative Equine

Encyclopedia of Horses

Encyclopedia of HorsesThis app contains a variety of general horse information including anatomy, colors, reproduction as well as other basics.

Encyclopedia of Horses - fionazul
Created by fionazul

Horse Breeds

Horse BreedsGives you access to horse breed info on the go. Utilizes the wikipedia database to bring you information about the breeds of the world.

Horse Breeds -
Created by

Horse Breeds

Horse BreedsA comprehensive guide to all major breeds of horse including images, interesting facts, identifying characteristics and historical info about each one.

Horse Breeds - Stroika
Created by Stroika

Horse Glossary

Horse GlossaryA mobile glossary of horse terms that covers most aspects of life with horses including colors & markings. Features an easy-to-use layout, a keyword search, definitions and illustrations.

Horse Glossary - Deep Powder Software
Created by Deep Powder Software

Horses Flip: Breed Flashcards

Horses Flip: Breed FlashcardsA great way to learn the horse breeds of the world, this breed flashcard app features over 100 horse breeds with large images, history and facts about each one.

Horses Flip: Flashcards of Horse Breeds - Proffitt Ink
Created by Proffitt Ink


StallionBookThe world’s first and only global stallion register right at your fingertips. Features stallions from around the world with an overview, racing record, pedigree and more.

StallionBook - Weatherbys Ltd.
Created by Weatherbys Ltd.

The Equestrian Guide

The Equestrian GuideProvides a variety of equine terminology, definitions, informative articles and health info. Easy to use, powerful search and glossary based interface allow you to find what you need.

The Equestrian Guide - Deep Powder Software
Created by Deep Powder Software

3. Dressage 

101 Dressage

101 Dressage101 dressage exercises for horse and rider provides instruction & images by author Jec Aristotle Ballou. Easy to use and logical structure makes this a dressage lovers essential.

101 Dressage - mobileXware, LLC
Created by mobileXware, LLC

Any Dressage

Any DressageStore all of your dressage tests in one place and take them with you anywhere you go. Can be used for trainers as a coaching aide and for students to keep track of their tests.

Any Dressage - Panache Software
Created by Panache Software

Awesome Dressage Horses

Awesome Dressage HorsesA collection of photographs featuring performing dressage horses in all of their glory. Stunning high quality images show their extreme athleticism.

AWESOME DRESSAGE HORSES—Equestrian Athletes in Their Best Dancing Style - MAAI
Created by MAAI

EquiSketch Dressage

EquiSketch DressageAn easier way to prepare for your next dressage test anytime, anywhere. Create & manage tests, review with visual cues, share tests, draw paths and study each step.

EquiSketch Dressage - Nicholas Garcia
Created by Nicholas Garcia


MyDressageA coaching application that is useful for both dressage instructors and students alike. Interactive & informative the app allows you to share & discuss information with other enthusiasts.

MyDressage - Tempichange Productions

Created by Tempichange Productions

4. FEI EquiTests

FEI EquiTests 1 – Free Trial

FEI EquiTests 1 - Free TrialThe trial tests allow you to explore features for one sample test. You can: read test instructions & marking criteria, review animated arena diagrams, play & record timed tests, reference the official USEF dressage test score sheet to see riders are marked, read rules & rule books as PDFs for reference on a variety of topics & stay up-to-date on the latest USEF news.

FEI EquiTests 1 - Dressage Tests Lite Application -

FEI EquiTests 2 – Eventing Dressage Tests

FEI EquiTests 2 - Eventing Dressage TestsThe eventing dressage tests allow you to read test instructions & marking criteria, review animated arena diagrams, play & record timed tests, reference the official USEF dressage test score sheet to see riders are marked, read rules & rule books as PDFs for reference on a variety of topics & stay up-to-date on the latest USEF news.

FEI EquiTests 2 - Eventing Dressage Tests -

FEI EquiTests 3 – Dressage Tests

FEI EquiTests 3 - Dressage TestsThe dressage tests allow you to read test instructions & marking criteria, review animated arena diagrams, play & record timed tests, reference the official USEF dressage test score sheet to see riders are marked, read rules & rule books as PDFs for reference on a variety of topics & stay up-to-date on the latest USEF news.

FEI EquiTests 3 - Dressage Tests -

FEI EquiTests 4 – Para-Equestrian Dressage Tests

FEI EquiTests 4 - Para-Equestrian Dressage TestsThe para-equestrian dressage tests allow you to read test instructions & marking criteria, review animated arena diagrams, play & record timed tests, reference the official USEF dressage test score sheet to see riders are marked, read rules & rule books as PDFs for reference on a variety of topics & stay up-to-date on the latest USEF news.

FEI EquiTests 4 - Para-Equestrian Dressage Tests -

FEI CleanSport Equine Prohibited Substances

FEI CleanSport Equine Prohibited SubstancesAccess the FEI Prohibited Substances Database from the palm of your hand. It should be noted that the app list is not exhaustive but contains the most popular trade names in certain countries.
FEI CleanSport Equine Prohibited Substances Database -

5. iHorseRider Training


iHorseRiderThe first in a series lesson 1 teaches the foundations & basics all horse riders should know. See an app preview here.

iHorseRider - Carbon app Development
Created by Carbon app Development

 iHorseRider 2

iHorseRider 2Part 2 focuses on the shoulders and provides exercises to strengthen them for better control in future lessons.

iHorseRider 2 - Carbon app Development
Created by Carbon app Development

 iHorseRider 3

iHorseRider 3Part 3 focuses on the haunches and provides exercises to move and refine the hindquarters.

iHorseRider 3 - Carbon app Development
Created by Carbon app Development

iHorseRider 4

iHorseRider 4Part 4 focuses on the lateral work and provides step-by-step help & troubleshooting aids for leg-yields, half-passes and shoulders-in.

iHorseRider 4 - Carbon app Development
Created by Carbon app Development

6. Equine Magazines

Endurance Magazine

a5l5FbbOpb3sLE4sIqWQcSIyoiclwjFCvZ0ota2F2KYndZg45Jofuny2zXJPBXcy3eI6=w300Addicted to the enthralling sport of endurance riding? Download Endurance – Beginner to Advanced today and see why endurance riding is one of the world’s fastest growing equestrian sports!

iHorseRider 4 - Carbon app Development
Created by NZ LP

 Equine Wellness Magazine

iphone_shelf_2xxThe equine market is changing dramatically, interest in natural and integrative approaches to health and horsemanship is at an all time high…and Equine Wellness is recognized as the premiere publication to help educate this growing audience. Equine Wellness transcends all areas of the equine market, from backyard enthusiast to serious competitors. Each issue celebrates the bond we share and highlights the products and services that help us give them a longer and better quality of life.

iHorseRider 4 - Carbon app Development
Created by US LLC

 EQUUS Magazine

iphone_shelf_2xxxxEQUUS magazine provides vital information about horse health care, behavior, and training. Find the latest information from the world’s top veterinarians, equine researchers, riders and trainers in each issue of EQUUS magazine.

iHorseRider 4 - Carbon app Development
Created by Active Interest Media, Inc

 Heels Down Magazine

iphone_shelf_2x2Interactive digital magazine for the next generation of equestrians. Innovative new media by the creators of Horse Junkies United, Heels Down Magazine is your monthly guide to the latest equestrian fashion trends, riding how-tos, and celebrity styles.

iHorseRider 4 - Carbon app Development
Created by HT Ecologic Product Ltd

 Horse & Hound Magazine

cover130x180For committed horse lovers everywhere Horse & Hound is the horse world’s Bible. Boasting two Olympic gold medallists, a Grand National winner and two European champions among our columnists, we bring readers exclusive news stories, reports and the most educated, insightful commentary and analysis in the business – plus fabulous photography.

iHorseRider 4 - Carbon app Development
Created by Time Inc. (UK) Ltd

 Hoofbeats Magazine

iphone_shelf_2x3Hoofbeats is a Lifestyle Equestrian magazine with articles on riding, training the horse and the rider, show preparation and tips, veterinary and herbal treatments, stable and horse management. The magazine includes the Green Horse eight page section, a guide to sustainable horsekeeping, pasture and property management, environmental issues, fencing, water and practical hands-on readers tips.

iHorseRider 4 - Carbon app Development
Created by HoofBeats Magazine

 Horses and People

cover130x1800Horse-centered, informative and refreshingly clear. Horses and People Magazine is a monthly magazine and educational resource that appeals to the increasingly discerning horse owner.

iHorseRider 4 - Carbon app Development
Created by Audience Media

Equestrian Exhibition ft.Cavalos Equine Care & Supplies

Hey everyone!

Don’t miss the chance to visit Cavalos Equine Care & Supplies at the Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition that is starting from:
Wednesday 9th – Saturday 12th September 2015.

Event Timings:

Wednesday          9th September: 11AM – 10 PM
Thursday              10th September: 11 AM – 10 PM
Friday                   11th September: 11AM – 10 PM
Saturday              12th September: 11 AM – 10 PM

Admissions:       10dhs

Cavalos will be showcasing the best Equestrian brands & top quality exclusive products for horses & riders, such as:


logo-full      logo 

1_logo_scelto_immagine           logo-pariani-ridotto     logo1201

RoyalRiderLogo logo2

11102976_940877479297524_3687250959651547980_n    HPL suppliments

There are going to be other equestrian shops there, click here for the list.
I am personally planning on being there Friday morning. Hope to see you there 😀 !

Items for Sale: Micklem + Prestige Girth + Busse Helmet

For additional items, click here on SALES PAGE

Micklem Competition Bridle With Reins

Condition: Very Good with ALL attachments
Size: Horse
Colour: Brown

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 12.38.56 PM

Prestige Italia A10 Girth

Condition: Good
Size: 125cm/49″ (too big for tofino)
Colour: Brown

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 4.38.14 PM 5.32.47 PM

Busse Riding Helmet Future Pro

Condition: New
Size: M 52-56cm (adjustable)
Colour: Black/Brown/Reflective/Carbon

   Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 12.38.50 PM


For more information on any of the items, kindly contact me at or comment below.

Importance of Equine Dentistry

Like us, horses need constant dental work on their teeth. Tofino just got a visit from his dentist this week, Graeme Taylor (050 844 9025), who is a certified Equine Dental Technician. Graeme always does a great job with Tofino, using sanitary equipment, and works at a gentle pace as horses can get pretty nervous when it comes to mouth work. He has been Tofino’s dentist for years now, visiting us around every 8-9 months. Whichever dentist you use, always make sure they are certified and qualified to do their job as not all of them out there are!

IMG_0237  IMG_0242

Not all horses need to be sedated, but Tofino did need a little bit. They do get drowsy for a while so it is not recommended to exercise them post dental visits, or to place them in the walker machine. Make sure you also wait a couple of hours for the sedation to wear off before feeding your a horse again.

    IMG_0239  IMG_0240

When  horses are foals, they shed their baby teeth starting from about 2 years old. Then, their permanent teeth continue to grow through their life until there is no more left. Therefore, continuos dental appointments are required to make sure your horses teeth are aligned properly with no sharp edges or gum issues.

Horses teeth by age:


Since almost all domestic horses rely on chewing hay and grain, the movement of the jaw differs from eating grass. Therefore, sharp edges are common in domestic horses, needing at least a dental visit once or twice a year depending on your horses age.

Sign That Your Horse Needs Dental Attention:

  • Change their eating habits.
  • The horse may dribble feed (quidding), wash feed in the water bucket, hold the head to the side or not eat at all.
  • Bad breath
  • Lack of condition & loss of coat shine
  • Poor performance
  • Change in performance
  • Weight loss
  • Excessive salivation or drooling
  • Chewing of doors or fencing
  • Rearing
  • Head throwing while being ridden
  • Stiffness on rein
  • Head tilting while eating or riding
  • Choking
  • Failure to perform with most types of equipment
  • Abnormal carriage of the tongue
  • Bad general attitude
  • Discharge from the eyes or nostrils
  • Fistulous discharge from the jaw or face
  • Swelling of the face or jaw
  • Lack of desire to eat hard food
  • Reluctance to drink cold water

Potential Dental Problems: 

Sharp Teeth: Since domestic horses do not graze as often as wild horses, the chewing movement differs, thus, causing the teeth to wear with sharper edges.mouth-with-dental-problems

Improper Teeth Alignment: Overbite, where the top row of incisors are further forward than the bottom row.  Underbite, where the bottom row of incisors are further forward than the top row. This causes problems with grazing since the horse cannot ‘clip’ the grass properly. Offset is when your horses teeth meet diagonally. 


Wolf Teeth: Can be painful and may cause a horse to head toss or be reluctant to respond to the bit. The earlier the extraction of wolf teeth the better.wolf2

Decayed teeth: Can lead to the deterioration of the tooth, and possibly leading to infection of the surrounding bone and gum.

extended molar pb