Happy Mouth Contour Eggbutt with Double Joint Roller [REVIEW]

I use the Happy Mouth bit whenever my Nathe bit needs replacing (as i order online, it takes time). It doesn’t come close to how good the Nathe is of course, but here is my review:

The Happy Mouth Contour Eggbutt with Double Joint Roller is Apple flavour which always encourages your horse to “accept” the bit. 


They are rather expensive for their lack of durability, retailing at approximately 207AED/57USD$.

NEW for 2014 from the happy mouth range comes a revolutioniary new design to provide comfort and improve control.The contour bit is molded and shaped to fit the configuration of the equine mouth. The double joint reduces physical pressure on the horse and increased surface contact area of the bit against the most sensitive part of the horse results in far better control.

The Description on the Happy Mouth Bit is as follows:

1. Due to advance technology modern scientists have developed an “Engineering” or “SPACE AGE” plastic, to be used in a variety of industries. We have chosen the most DURABLE, NON – TOXIC, FLEXIBLE, and LONG LASTING polyurethane plastic for our HAPPY MOUTH BIT, which proves a nice, SOFT, GENTLE touch to the horses mouth.

2. One unique characteristic of this revolutionary bit is the apple flavour, which has been added to the plastic; as we have discovered many horses instantly recognise this flavour, and hence readily accept the bit without resistance. This has been illustrated in various countries over the last 10 years by an increase in the usage of the HAPPY MOUTH BIT, proving the overwhelming success of the idea.

3. Consequently, the increase in demand for the HAPPY MOUTH BIT is evidence enough that it has become widely accepted by both the customer and more importantly the horse – which translates to us as complete satisfaction.
A happy horse is one that uses the HAPPY MOUTH BIT.

As mentioned above, I use it alternatively when waiting for our bit to arrive and the reason being is that they do not last long whatsoever!

IMG_3958  IMG_3959

I like that it is contoured to the mouth and that it is apple flavor, but what is the use when it will not last more than 1 month of riding?  Within the first ride, the bit dented, and got worse from there.

IMG_3960  IMG_3961

The “space age plastic” should be soft and flexible but it feels very hard, and when there are dents, it becomes sharp, and therefore, must not be used on any horse, which is why I mentioned that it is not so durable.

I got the bit from TheHorseBitShop and tried to contact them multiple times, after literally 1 week of riding but they never replied back to me about my issue. I thought it may be a faulty piece, and therefore, I ordered again, this time from HorseBitBank, but we had the same issue. No happy horse, not happy customer.

Pros: Cons:

•  Apple Flavour

•  Contoured to the horses mouth

• Double joint reduces pressure 

• No pinching

•   Pricey (for the lack of durability)

•  Not durable

•  Hard plastic

•  Not flexible (as advertised)

Verdict: I would NOT recommend this bit as a staple in the tack room. For alternative or temporary use, it will do. But if your horse is sensitive or young I would stick to the Nathe brand as they are much softer yet sturdy, and more durable.

2 thoughts on “Happy Mouth Contour Eggbutt with Double Joint Roller [REVIEW]

  1. I really wanted to try one of these bits on Sydney, but just couldn’t justify the price for them not holding up at all. Went with rubber instead which seems to make her mostly happy.


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