Passier: Marcus Ehning Breastplate [REVIEW]

As I was searching for a new breastplate with detachable martingale, I thankfully came across the Passier by Marcus Ehning Breastplate and fell in love! Not only because it was designed by the renowned Marcus Ehning, but also because it is the “hunter style” which has a bridge on top, super padded, comes in contrast stitching, customized hardware, and has detachable options. What more could you ask for?


This meticulously-sewn Marcus Ehning Breastplate with a removable running martingale attachment was developed in cooperation with the professional jumping rider Marcus Ehning. The breastplate has particularly soft padding to make sure the horse hardly feels it. Thus the Marcus Ehning Breastplate combines top quality with maximum horse-friendliness.

Balve Schloß Wocklum 09.06.2013 Balve Optimum Deutsche Meisterschaften Springen: Marcus Ehning und Cornado NRW Foto: ©Julia Rau Am Schinnergraben 57 55129 Mainz Tel.: 06131-507751 Mobil: 0171-9517199 Rüsselsheimer Volksbank BLZ 500 930 00 Kto.: 6514006 Es gelten ausschliesslich meine Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen

Balve Schloß Wocklum 09.06.2013 Balve Optimum Deutsche Meisterschaften Springen: Marcus Ehning und Cornado NRW Foto: ©Julia Rau Am Schinnergraben 

Removable running martingale attachment, available with stainless steel or brass fittings.

Pony size, Horse size

Black, Havana, Teak

I purchased mine from who do deliver internationally at great prices 🙂 It did come in a storage dust bag too which was pretty cool.

I love the overall look and quality. It does have elastics too for extra flexibility and comfort for the horse. I do wish it came in a cob size; as I did have to punch more holes in to make it smaller for Tofino, who generally always wear cob size items; but it fits my friends horse really well.


As mentioned above, the shape is not like your typical jumper breastplate, but more like a hunter/eventer one (which I prefer) where you have the connecting bridge on top of the neck. Secondly, the contrast stitching gives it such a nice delicate look. You do get to choose what colour hardware you want, and i chose the stainless steel as it matched better with the white contrast stitching.

IMG_1452  IMG_1376

When I first received it, I honestly didn’t even need to condition it. It is very subtle, and nicely padded throughout which prevents the breastplate from being flimsy and thin. I do use the Passier Cleaner Spray to maintain it.

IMG_1377  IMG_1378

The martinagle is detachable with easy clips if not needed. I like how big the center is, making it that much more attractive in my opinion 😛 Again, it is padded from behind and cleans very easily.

IMG_1386  IMG_1389

I actually didn’t take a picture of the girth attachment part but it basically has a removable end clip to attach to your girth. However, I did remove the clip so as it make it fit Tofino as the size is pretty big.


Finally, the most annoying part in this breastplate is that the leather nubs/tabs to keep the loops in place do get loose. I don’t really know how to explain it but the two pictures below show what I am talking about. Technically speaking, the issue shouldn’t interfere with performance etc., but it just annoys me hah.

IMG_1375v2  IMG_1450v2

Pros: Cons:
  Great quality

•  Appealing look

•  Multiple detachable’s

• Multiple colours + hardware options 

• Padded

• Worth the price

•   Only comes in 2 sizes: pony & horse, no cob 😦

•  Leather tabs/nubs loosen & move

Verdict: I would definitely recommend this breastplate as it really is a great purchase for the price! I do wish they do make cob sizes in the future, but in the mean time, if your horse is cob size like Tofino, you can easily punch holes and remove the girth clasp if need be. 

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