Veredus Jumping Saddle Cloth [REVIEW]

I came across the Veredus saddle pad about a year ago and could not resist the urge to purchase; good buy that’s for sure 😉 !

They come in 5 different colours in the jumping style, and only white in the dressage style:



Veredus Jumping saddle cloth made from cotton and polyester with moisture wicking padding. Natural coloured Microfiber lining that is durable with a reinforced trim around the edge. The breathable padding guarantees better comfort, offers a shock-absorbing  effect and provides protective cushioning against the weight of the saddle.

I got the Navy colour with silver piping.  At first, because this pad has a velvety feel, I thought it may be too hot to use in our humid weather. However, it did prove me wrong as the breathability and moisture wicking factors mentioned by Veredus do truly work!

The pad has billet strap holders, preventing the saddle cloth from slipping. It is white on the inside, so dirt will show easily for dark coloured horses, but for my grey Tofino it’s a perfect disguise 😛 .

IMG_1215  IMG_1211

On the outside however, since it is a dark navy, any dust particles or white grey hairs show when the saddle pad is wet as they get attached. I noticed after I washed it the first time, whilst it was drying, it collected lint. I do use one of those pet rollers which does the trick pretty quick. That being said, whilst dry and in use I don’t have that issue. Only when wet/drying.

IMG_1210   IMG_1220

There is high wither and back clearance making it more comfortable for the horse (the saddle in the photo is actually pretty big in size and still fits well within the pad).  It does feel more cushiony too compared to regular cotton pads, therefore, I have been using it for schooling and it is surprisingly still holding up extremely well with no sign of wear, however, the inner side of the logo does have some loose strings hanging about, but nothing that a pair of scissors can’t fix 🙂


It has a logo on BOTH sides of the saddle pad, making it difficult to custom embroider it but the veredus logo looks really neat! I have used it for our training shows but the logo on both sides honestly disturbs the look for me personally. I did purchase a Cavalleria Toscana Saddle pad which i will probably be using for shows from now on, and keep this one specifically for schooling.

Franco Tucci Boots // FreeJump Stirrups // Thinline Half Pad ]

Pros: Cons:
  Multiple colour options

•  Moisture wicking + breathable

• Cushiony  / well padded

• Wither clearance

• Durable + Sturdy

• Velvet feel

• Billet strap

•   Logo on both sides

•  Attracts dust/ lint when wet

•  Loose strings


Verdict: I would definitely recommend the veredus pad as it not only feels soft, comfortable and luxurious, but also holds up really well. The moisture wicking and breathability is crucial for this part of the world. I never thought a saddle pad can make a difference, but it actually really did in the sense that Tofino doesn’t overheat on his back. I am really happy with this purchase and  would recommend it for sure.

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