Veredus Magnetik Stable Boot [FOR SALE]

edit: SOLD❗️

Brand new Magnetik Stable Boot Front & Back from Veredus 
Size: Medium
Price: 1,500 AED
Contact: / 050-2345629


Stable boot in breathable HCL foam (AEROX).

A practical and effective alternative to traditional bindings.
Fastening with suspensor support and restrainment action for tendon-system, to reduce typical after-work out swelling.
Internal padding in DFD® (Dry Fast Dry®), interchangeable fixed with Velcro.

•    Reduces pain and  swelling.
•    Stimulates the flow of blood.
•    Speeds up the elimination of toxins.
•    Speeds up the regenerative processes.
•    Prepares muscles and tendons to the effort.



Unfortunately, they turned out to be big on Tofino. He has very short and skinny legs so I will be ordering a size Small instead. These should fit a Horse / Full.

Contact: / 050-2345629

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