Essential Items to Keeping Your Horse Crystal Clean (especially greys!)

Horses naturally love to roll and get themselves stained whether it be from grass, mud, sand, rubber etc,. Keeping a horse clean is not only for appearance benefits, but also makes a horse coat, main and tail easier to maintain, identify any new scruffs or skin problems, and also helps with blood circulation when it comes to brushing.

Having a grey horse, it is very difficult to maintain Tofino’s appearance, but nevertheless, these items below have helped me substantially:

  • Veredus Shampoo Sheen
  • Ecolicious Waterless Shampoo
  • Magic Brush
  • Oster Grooming Kit (any good quality grooming kit will do).

IMG_2093  IMG_1838

Veredus Shampoo Sheen: from eQuestri

“SHAMPOO SHEEN degreases, cleans and nourishes coats of all colours.
The special formula with “sheen effect” makes the coat and horsehair soft, bright and shiny.”


This alone is enough to have your horse sparkling 😍. I am obsessed with the smell and how amazingly it works! My all time favorite horse shampoo, especially for greys! For the full review and before/after pictures HERE.

Ecolicious Waterless Shampoo:

“When the weather doesn’t permit or you don’t have time for the deluxe bath treatment. It’s made with gentle Coconut-derived cleansers and Witch Hazel that are tough on dirt, but gentle on the skin. Plus we’ve added yummy skin and hair conditioning ingredients like Honey (bees swear by this one), Aloe Vera and Shea Butter to leave behind a soft, smooth and silky coat.

Tea Tree Essential Oil, known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties, calms and protects even the most sensitive skin while the delightful scent of Sweet Orange Essential Oil keeps it smelling oh-so-nice.”


It works super quick and doesn’t dry out the coat whatsoever! I use it when Tofino has a stain or two. I also carry it with me to shows as he gets trailer stains also which clear up in seconds with this waterless shampoo 😀

Magic Brush:

“MagicBrush gets your horse perfectly clean! Thanks to its special bristles, dried sweat, mud and dirt can be removed easily. It reaches even narrow dents and can be used for grooming hooves; the sensitive heel bulbs and the coronary band are protected. Thanks to its special bristles, MagicBrush is easy on the joints and bones. MagicBrush is the perfect support during the change of coat and is the ideal tool for shampooing and can be used on any type of horse hair.”


Another must have for grooming! So easy to use (no pressure needed) and still gets the job done very well. For review and before/after pictures HERE.

Oster Grooming Kit:

“Complete 7-piece grooming kit contains all the tools needed for fast and easy grooming. Convenient and durable storage case keeps everything neat and organized.
  • Ergonomic grooming tools for grooming comfort
  • Contains: Stiff Grooming Brush Soft Finishing Brush Coarse Curry Comb Mane & Tail Brush Mane & Tail Comb Hoof Pick Storage Case”


Any good quality grooming kit will do to be honest. All you need are the brushes mentioned above that can last long.  I have tried other brands but the Oster seems to be tougher and durable so far.


Note: In order for your horse to have a natural shine, they have to have a well balanced healthy diet. Tofino is on Reverdy Feed from Cavalos Equine Care & Supplies and his coat has a natural soft shine from it.

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