Cavalleria Toscana Competition [HAUL] ft. Cavalos

As many of you know, I am luckily sponsored by Cavalos Equine Care & Supplies for Reverdy Feed (Adult Specific brown bag), which both Tofino and I are absolutely loving ūüėć !!

I was at their store this weekend and could not help but get, yet again, a few Cavalleria Toscana items ūüė≠.  

  1. Cavalleria Toscana Technical Jumping Saddle Pad
  2. Cavalleria Toscana Cross Belt Elastic
  3. Cavalleria Toscana Riding Gloves


You can purchase these items and more at Cavalos Equine Care & Supplies. You can give them a call at 00971-50-476-4676 or email them at They are a super friendly team and always willing to assist you ūüėÄ

Roeckl Chester Grip Gloves [REVIEW]

I have used the¬†Roeckl Chester Grip Gloves¬†for about 3 months and I am really liking them thus far. I reviewed another pair of Roeckl gloves which were the¬†Madrid Gloves, and I¬†wasn’t too fond of them as they did not last.

The Chester Grip Gloves come in an array of colours:

Roeckl Glove range

They retail for around 160AED / 44US$. 

Sizes: 6 – 11
Backhand: ROECK-GRIP¬ģ
Palmhand: ROECK-GRIP¬ģ

The Roeckl Chester Glove combines grip technology with the latest in riding fashion. This classic glove is made from ROECK-GRIP, a very fine synthetic leather with an excellent grip, supple, breathable and elastic.  This glove fits like a second skin, giving you exactly what you need: a real feel of the reins.

Touch screen compatibility provides optimal convenience as you won‚Äôt have to remove your glove to use your smartphone. These slim and stylish gloves have textured palms for grip and VELCRO¬ģ brand back closures with subtle branding. Easy-care.

I got my gloves in the Charcoal colour, and in a size 7. The touchscreen compatibility is  surprisingly very responsive. I actually do have another pair in White which I only keep for dressage shows. They fit my hand really well and have a light feeling which I appreciate with the hot weather here. The classic look and simple detail make these gloves a timeless purchase.

IMG_1191  IMG_1192

They are flexible and have great solid grip, without compromising the feel. I personally favor short cuff gloves as they allow for more flexibility, which these gloves provide. I love the black piping with the grey. I find that it contrasts very well and matches anything you or your horse wear.

IMG_1374  IMG_1372

With time, the gloves did get looser and looser around the fingers. I am not sure why this is the case, it seems a bit strange. Even so, they are still functioning really well with no holes or deterioration in the material. The inner palm area seems to custom fit me still and is very well intact with again, no signs of deterioration.


Strings have been coming out of place but I just cut them off. No stitching has come apart yet, I think they were just loose from the beginning.


Note: I still did not try washing them. They may shrink back to normal size around the fingers if I do. I will keep you updated.

Pros: Cons:
‚Äʬ†¬†¬†Wide range of colours + sizes

‚ÄĘ ¬†Durable

‚ÄĘ ¬† Flexible

‚ÄĘ ¬†Great grip

‚Äʬ†¬†¬†Classic look

‚ÄĘ ¬† Light

‚ÄĘ ¬†Short cuff

‚Äʬ†¬†¬†Loose stitching

‚Äʬ†¬†¬†Stretches out (within 3 months without washing)


Verdict:¬†I¬†love them. I would¬†definitely¬†recommend¬†a pair and you are bound to find the colour you like with the many options available. I know Roeckl does many different types of gloves; some last and some don’t, but these seem to hold up well.

“Learn to Love the Canter”

Years ago, when I first got Tofino, I was told that he has a very sore back. Our vet recommended that when riding, we walk for a very long time pre and post workout and to canter first instead of trot (warm up & cooling down your horse).

I was a little confused at first, as everywhere they teach you to walk, then trot, then canter while warming up. Once I started to warm up Tofino, cantering before trotting, I noticed a massive difference in his movement. He was a lot more subtle and flexible which made the workout a lot easier (less pushing).

I came across this video and article and thought it would be great to share:

Most people spend time schooling in trot. This doesn’t aid in helping your horse to learn get a balanced canter and strengthen the muscles needed for it.

Of all three gaits, canter best strengthens front and hind ends of the horse simultaneously. Because each canter stride requires him to swing forward with both hind legs at once, the lumbar-sacral joint is mobilized more than in walk or trot. The swinging forward of both hind legs hinges the pelvis, causing it to tuck. This in turn rounds the horse’s back. Then, as his leading leg strikes the ground the horse briefly takes more weight on his forelimbs before thrusting his forehand upwards for a moment of suspension.

This rocking motion alternates recruitment of each end of the horse, while pulsing energy through the horse’s spine in an active contraction-relaxation muscle cycle that builds strength without the restriction that accompanies holding a static posture. Moreover, scientists have determined by muscle sensors that cantering involves the fullest, most forceful contraction of the horse’s long back muscles, indicating it might be the best tool for conditioning a weak topline.

Because of the increased motion in the lumbar sacral joint at canter, these long back muscle contractions are able to happen while also pulsing out some of the bunching or tightness that can accompany strength building. In fact, in the case of a horse with a stiff back or overall weakness through his core, it is usually advisable to warm up in the canter rather than the trot. This prevents the longissimus dorsi muscle from holding the back in rigid posture throughout your ride. It allows the horse‚Äôs smaller postural muscles deep within the back to balance the spine while the long back muscles do the job they were designed for‚ÄĒfree, forward movement.

-Jec Ballou

IMG_2687Note: Tofino does collect while in canter in normal flat work, but this is a screenshot of our cross-pole training.

Powered by Reverdy Equine Nutrition¬†from¬†Cavalos Equine Care & Supplies¬†ūüėć

Interview with Abdulla Al Marri [UAE] Show Jumper

Hi everyone,

I finally managed to film and edit an exclusive interview with Abdulla Al Marri, who is an International Show Jumper for the UAE team. 

Abdulla is one of the most dedicated riders I have ever met, and I am really glad that I got the opportunity to interview him.

Thank you so much ūüôā

You can watch the interview in Full High-Definition below:

Veredus Shampoo Sheen GIVEAWAY! ft. eQuestri

Hi everyone!

Firstly, thank you so much for the amazing page hits that just keep growing <3.  Secondly, I am very excited to announce that eQuestri and I have teamed up to giveaway a bottle Veredus Shampoo Sheen that is reviewed here (with before/after pics) and also featured in my essentials to keeping your horse clean.


veredus shampoo sheen

eQuestri is an online equestrian community and tack shop that offers a diverse range of products and services, at different prices levels to meet your individual equestrian requirements.  eQuestri’s online community is a great resource for information about equestrian services and horse riding in Dubai and throughout the United Arab Emirates.


1. Follow both instagram accounts: @TofinoTack and @myEQuestri

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Competition ends in a week (Thursday 10 Novemeber 2015) and is OPEN TO UAE ONLY (sorry).

Good luck! ūüėÄ