Reverdy Adult Specific Energy Feed [REVIEW] ft. Cavalos

I never really paid attention to Tofino’s diet until I realized how much of an affect your horses feed has on not only a their energy, but also their behavior, and overall health and body condition.

Beginning of this year, Tofino suffered a couple of weeks of diarrhea and ended up staying in the hospital for a few days. That’s when I realized he cannot continue to stay on the clubs food which is not catered to his age and condition.

I was told to keep him on a low starch diet from now on, so the vet gave me a few bags of Zabeel Low Starch feed. He went well on it with no diarrhea or other problems. The problem with Zabeel Feed Mill is that if you do not receive your bag fresh, it ends up having a lot of dust which is not good for your horse. So since quality was never consistent, I searched and searched until I came across Reverdy where they not only take the time to make sure their feed is of superb quality but also help you understand why they chose specific ingredients. You can check out their catalog HERE.

After reading their brochure we decided to try the Adult Specific Energy Feed (complete Data Sheet) from Cavalos Equine Care & Supplies.


[Pelleted feed for adult horse subject to tying up and gastric ulcers.]

Composition: Alfalfa 17 (horse), Barley, Extruded linseed, Straw, Chicory pulp, Sepiolite, Extruded soya beans without GMO*, Sodium chloride, Skimmed milk powder, Kaolinite, Prebiotics, Magnesium phosphate, Potato protein, Bentonite, Monocalcium phosphate, Trace elements, Vitamins and Natural Anti-oxidant.

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 9.45.14 PM

Cavalos Equine Care & Supplies were kind enough to send us a couple of sample bags after hearing our situation. Tofino had no issues transitioning (how to transition your horses feed) and we were hooked! I continued to purchase it myself for a number of months, even though it is on the pricey side, but you should never cut costs when it comes to your horses diet. Thankfully, Reverdy Feed does not require you to feed your horse in large quantities, therefore, the bag lasts longer.

IMG_3254  IMG_3252

Note: Always check your horses weight to ratio the feed amount according to the current working condition they are at.

After a while, thankfully, Cavalos Equine Care & Supplies were so kind as to start to sponsor Tofino for his feed ❤ ❤ . This however, does not alter this review in any way as I had purchased the feed myself for a number of months before the sponsorship.

Cavalos does offer a number of different Reverdy feed but the reason why we decided to try the Adult Specific Energy is because it is low in sugars & starch which I was looking for and it also is high in Omegas and has the right amount of vitamins, minerals, pro/pre-biotics needed without having to add additional supplements other than liquid Electrolytes (currently using Nobile Vet from Cavalos also).

IMG_3264  IMG_3258

Tofino is honestly the best he has ever been in a long time. We have tried Cavalor, Havens and Zabeel, yet none of them come close the quality and to how great he goes with the Reverdy. I feel like his energy levels are great, his body condition had greatly improved, his stool is normal and has a good appetite all due to the Reverdy Adult Specific Energy which precisely contains:

  • High levels of fats and oils, fibre and a small amount of slow releasing starch › energy sources selected with the aim of preventing tying up and gastric ulcers
  • Enriched in alfalfa (lucerne) › participates in neutralising gastric acidity
  • Anti-oxidant complex (organic Selenium, Vitamins E and protected vitamin C at reinforced levels, natural SOD) › protects and supports the muscle, the immune and the red blood cells
  • Reinforced levels of Vitamin B9 and B12 › favour the maturing of red blood cells
  • Lactic ferments › secure and optimise the working of the digestive flora
  • Salt (sodium chloride) › to help ensure a sufficient uptake of water and a correct fluid-electrolyte balance in the organism
  • Clays (kaolinite, bentonite) and essential fatty acids (Omegas 3 and 6) › form a protective film on the digestive mucosa against acid secretions
  • Reinforced levels of Magnesium › soothes nervous horses, favours muscle relaxation and supports immunity

Note: Adult Specific Energy suits my horse, but does not necessarily mean it would suit yours. With all feed, it is a trial and error with quantity and food type. P.S. Don’t forget to check out the 10 common horse feeding mistakes!

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Pros: Cons:
•   Top Quality

•  Low Sugar & Starch

•   High in Omegas, vitamins, minerals

•  Contains Pro/Pre-biotics

•   Contains Clays to protect digestive system

 Only need low quantity

•  No additional supplements needed

•   Pricey


Verdict: After being introduced to the Reverdy Adult Specific Feed I think there is no going back. I definitely recommend it to anyone who has to have their horse on a low starch diet, or if your horse has stomach issues. As I mentioned above, cutting down costs should not in any way interfere with your horses wellbeing. So even though it is pricey, it is worth it for sure.

Again, there are other Reverdy Feeds available at Cavalos so if you are interested, be sure to contact them at Cavalos Equine Care & Supplies,  009712-2222-433 or email them at ; they would be more than happy to assist you depending on your horses needs ❤

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