Back on Track Royal Boots [REVIEW]

Tofino’s back leg tends to swell up after work sometimes, depending on the weather. The hotter, the more swelling. Therefore, I always ice his legs after exercises always.

I was searching for ways to prevent the swelling and came across the Back on Track Royal Boots.

royal_tendon_bruin_collage  fetlock-brown-1

Back on Track® Tendon Boots, Royal

Back on Track® Tendon Boots, Royal not only provides provide soothing, pain relieving FAR infrared therapy, they offer essential protection for the forelegs tendons, which is particularly important during high energy activities (show jumping, for example) when the hind foot can extend forward, strike and damage the tendon on the front leg. The Tendon Boots combine a hardwearing, nylon laminated TPU outer casing with a thick, soft neoprene inner (perforated for extra ventilation/air flow) and lined with the revolutionary Welltex™ ceramic infused fabric. Designed for comfort and protection, the durable Tendon Boots are easy to apply and the tough elastic straps & brass buckles ensure a secure fit. Their high density effectively distributes pressure and absorbs impact. 

Cob, or Full

Colours: Black, Brown or White 

I purchased mine fron Doc Horse, they come separately, the front tendon boots (€95), and the back fetlock boots (€56) in the Brown Cob (M) size. They are super light, which is aways a positive as they allow your horse more freedom. I like that the fetlocks are protected both inside and out. I know some riders prefer to only protect the inside as it may affect your horses functionality, but since they’re super light and meant to be therapeutic, the more it covers, the better.

The boots have 3 buckles in the tendon boots, and two in the fetlock, helping secure the boots in place.  I would have personally preferred if the buckle keepers were silver instead of brass to match the front contrast borders which I reckon look pretty awesome.

IMG_1488  IMG_1487

There are air vents which helps in preventing the legs from overheating, especially since Back on Track uses infrared therapy. This is great for the leg, but makes it hard to clean unfortunately as sand does get stuck in the air vents. But hey, sometimes you gotta compromise 😉


On another note, the lining does feel a little flimsy as it always rolls under the boot as circled below. I have to double check when placing them on Tofino so they don’t cause irritation or rubs, so far so good.

 IMG_1355 copy  IMG_1384 copy

It has also very quickly started to develop some pilling on the edges and inside of the boots. The lining is not durable whatsoever which is disappointing as you are paying good money to have not only the “therapeutic” side but also functionality.

IMG_4079   IMG_4080

I love the way they look and how they function, I just wish they are able to withstand wear. Nonetheless, they have worked as advertised and Tofino doesn’t get swollen fetlock anymore when wearing them. I only use them for riding, and sometimes keep them on for a while in the paddock after a longer ride for that extra treatment.

back on track boots showBack on Track Royal Boots // Passier Breastplate // Nathe Bit // Freejump // Franco Tucci Boots // Cavalleria Toscana Saddle Pad //  Photo by Tara Hamilton

Pros: Cons:
 Secure fit

• Therapeutic (actually helps with swelling)

•  Ventilated

•  Lightweight

•  Protective

•   Not durable

•   Pricey for lack of durability


Verdict: If your horse has swelling issues, I would definitely recommend these boots as they truly have helped prevent swelling post exercise. If you are planning on getting them just for the way they look, then I would say you can go for something else that’s more durable such as the Veredus ones.

6 thoughts on “Back on Track Royal Boots [REVIEW]

  1. If you love these you’ll love the Back On Track leg wraps! That’s what I put on after I ride while my horse is outside or in a stall for extra treatment. Love em!


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