Schockemoehle Melbourne Halter [REVIEW]

I was looking for a new head collar as mine has changed colour (KL halter). When i first saw the Schockemoehle Melbourne Head collar, I knew i had to try it ❤  I managed to purchase it from Equestrian Solutions for 210AED.

It comes in either a Brown or a Navy/cream colour:
schockemoehle-sports-halfter-melbourne_schoko-brau             schockemoehle-sports-halfter-melbourne_marine-natu

“Schockemoehle Sports Halter Melbourne”
  • Halter made of soft nylon
  • head piece, cheeks and noseband padded with real sheep skin
  • logo-woven label on noseband
  • logo on the buckles
  • size: Pony, Cob, Full, XL

I ordered the Full size, even though Tofino is cob, as I like to have it a little loose, however, these do run small, so I would suggest you size up.  There was also no lead rope with the head collar but I did purchase it separately from Schockemoehle also.

Note: All photos below are by my friend Axelle Talma (popthepony)]

DSC_0870  DSC_0894

I reckon it looks super classy and professional. The sheepskin is a little rougher than expected though. The hardware has rusted already a bit, and there are two different types of hardware on a single head collar (shiny and matte) which I am not too fond of. You can see below that the buckle and the cheek area are shiny, but the ring on the jaw is matte which is the one that started to rust.
Click to enlarge:DSC_0876

Due to the sheepskin, there are no rubs on the face which makes this a good travel halter (5 essential travel gear). I only use it for shows, or as you can see, in a photoshoot, so the sheepskin doesn’t get ruined quickly, and because my other nylon halters became a teal colour, I am trying to avoid it with this.

DSC_0918  DSC_0891

Pros: Cons:

• Protective

•  Good for travel

•  Lightweight

•  4 size options

•  Hardware Rusts

•  Hardware not consistent material

•  Doesn’t come with lead rope

•  Not as soft or padded as expected

Verdict: I would recommend this halter to use for special occasions, but not everyday, as every nylon halter changes colour over time under the sun, and the sheepskin would deteriorate. It has a classic clean look that would look good on any horse. HOWEVER, if you are looking for something with super soft and extra padding, then I would recommend you either get sheekpskin rolls added to your current halter, or find one that already has (e.g eskadron).

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