Ideas for your Horse’s Birthday

So today is Tofino’s birthday and he is officially 16 years old 🎉. Oh how time has flown by so quickly! I can’t believe that I first met him when he was 7 years old 😱👇.

baby tofino

I thought it may be useful to write up a few ideas of things you can do with your horse on a special day.

  1. Spa day! (cleaning essentials)
  2. Treats (DIY horse treats)
  3. Full bonding day (9 tips on horse bonding)
  4. Sunrise/Sunset Hack (necessity & safety of hacking)
  5. Liberty / natural horsemanship
  6. Photo-shoot Session
  7. Mini home gymkhana
  8. Adventure! (beach, forest, cross country etc.)
  9. New item for them (halter, boots, rug etc.)
  10. New Toy/ball

Honestly speaking, I don’t really do anything “special” as I do all of the above on a regular basis ha-ha! But every year on his birthday, I do either a sunrise or a sunset hack which is absolutely beautiful and peaceful 🌅🌄.

Although Tofino is now 16, he is thankfully full of energy, not only due to the time off that he has had, but also due to his diet, being on our sponsored Reverdy Adult Specific feed from , which I find has made a HUGE difference in his performance and shape (review on Reverdy feed).

I am so glad that we get to grow together, and I hope to continue our adventures with every year that passes.

Happy birthday Toficakes! ❤

DSC_0082 Photo by popthepony

When is your horse’s birthday?
And do you do anything special?

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