Battle of the Fly Sprays! ft. eQuestri [REVIEW]

Fly season is still ongoing and two months ago, eQuestri were kind enough to send through 6 different fly sprays to try, test, and review. Big thanks to Jacky (founder of eQuestri) for her great support ❤


List of fly Sprays in best order:

  1. Veredus Defender Eco-Repellent
  2. Veredus Bio Repel Spray
  3. Veredus Bio Repel Gel
  4. Absorbine Ultra Shield EX
  5. Lincoln Water-based Fly Spray
  6. Veredus Raptor Fly Repellent 

1. Veredus Defender Eco-Repellent

Defender Eco Repellent is a non-toxic, hypo-allergenic formulation that is perfect for both horse and rider. It creates an impenetrable barrier against flies, ticks, horseflies and all other insects found in stables. The innovative solar filter prevents the active ingredients from being degraded by the sun.

IMG_6130  IMG_6131

This is the winner for me. Hands down one of the best fly sprays I have ever used. Not only is it non toxic, but also lasts and does the job so well! We normally get attacked by swarm of flies after passing garbage bins on our hacks, but they never followed us with this one which I’m so happy about at they really do bug you the whole way. The major downside to this is that the bottle is small for the price, and the nozzle is horrible it leaks nonstop and is hard to press. I would recommend transferring the content to another spray bottle.

Pros: Cons:
 Repels flies amazingly

•  Non toxic

•  Doesn’t sting or burn the eyes

•  Lasts long

•  Small bottle

•  Leaking nozzle

•  Full ingredients not listed

Verdict: My all time favorite fly spray. Enough said ❤

2. Veredus Bio Repel Spray

A natural and efficient defense against flies, mosquitoes, midges and insects in general.
The well-known fly repellent properties of citronella, geranium and cinnamon create a protective shield over the horse’s coat.
The balanced formula allows frequent use (even several times daily) to renew protection.
BIO REPEL Spray contains only natural extracts and is non-toxic.

IMG_6132  IMG_6133

This a great buy for transitioning into and out of fly season. It smells amazing and does the job, but not as much as I would like it do for throughout the season. I kept getting asked what fly spray I use while Tofino was on this as the smell is so good! It doesn’t burn your eyes and is not toxic which is always a positive. It comes in a generous bottle size and great nozzle too.

Pros: Cons:
 Repels flies (but needs to be re-applied often)

•  Natural

•  Non toxic

•  Doesn’t sting or burn the eyes

•  Smells amazing

•  Generous bottle

•  Not for heavy usage

•  Full ingredients not listed

Verdict: I love this fly spray for the transition between season. I would definitely purchase & recommend for that time of the year.

3. Veredus Bio Repel Gel

Fly repellent gel, non-toxic and hypo-allergenic, made of citronella, geranium and cinnamon.
Specially formulated for use on delicate and sensitive areas such as eyes and muzzle.

IMG_6125  IMG_6126

This is actually the first fly repellent gel i ever tried and so far it has worked really well especially for going on hacks. It gives that extra protection on your horses belly and face without being so strong. It doesn’t have a strong smell and doesn’t leave a sticky residue on your hands, nor does it dry them. It does work well keeping flies away and I have been using it every time we go on a hack as it is too messy for everyday (wish it came in a pump).

Pros: Cons:
 Repels flies

 Non toxic


•  Doesn’t dry

•  Not sticky

•  Messy

•  Full ingredients not listed

Verdict: I think this is a great gel, not a staple in the grooming box unless your horse is super sensitive and cant stand sprays. I would recommend this for those looking for a fly repel gel.

4. Absorbine Ultra Shield EX

Weatherproof and sweat-resistant insect repellent formula that is able to provide up to 17 days of protection. Kills and repels biting and nuisance flies, mosquitoes, ticks and gnats and also contains two sunscreens that extend the repellents effectiveness.

IMG_6128  IMG_6129

I love the bottle of this as it is a great size for price and the nozzle works super without leakage. I found that the Ultra Shield smelt very strong and burnt my eyes while spraying it on Tofino. It is full of chemicals and has so many warning labels on the back. That being said, it does do the job and keeps the fly away, however, within a weeks use, the flies seem to have gotten accustomed to it even though it says it lasts 17 days. I am not sure wether this is because most people at the stables use this or not but it seems to be the reason.

Pros: Cons:
 Does keep flies away (but not 17 days as stated)

•  Good nozzle


•   Full of chemicals

•   Burns eyes

•   Flies get used to it quickly

Verdict: I am personally not a fan of this fly spray but I know many who still use it. After trying the others out, I have found a safer alternative (Veredus defender)

5. Lincoln Water-based Fly Spray

LINCOLN WATER BASED FLY REPELLENT is a gentler water-based fly repellent with a powerful long lasting dual action formula. Contains DEET with the new generation fly repellent PMD. Non flammable.

IMG_6134  IMG_6135

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but this fly spray did literally nothing to keep the flies away. It was rather disappointing especially as the bottle and the nozzle are SO COMFORTABLE and spray so well. But it had zero effect against the flies.

Pros: Cons:
 Great nozzle & bottle

•  No strong smell

•  Doesn’t work whatsoever!

Verdict: I would not recommend this fly spray for those here in Dubai. It might work well with other types of flies elsewhere.

6.Veredus Raptor Fly Repellent

Fly repellent with total action to protect horses from horse flies, house flies, stable flies, face flies, horn flies, deer flies, gnats, mosquitoes.
The combination of pyrethroids and insect repellent substances repels and kills flies, mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and horseflies.
Extremely efficient formula with sunscreen that prolongs the repellent action.

IMG_6136  IMG_6137

This was surprisingly disappointing. After reading the description I thought this would work well, but apparently not. It did repel flies but just barely. Perhaps for an hour max. The bottle is small for the price, and again, the nozzle isn’t great whatsoever. It does smell of chemicals yet doesn’t work so well which makes me continue to think that the flies at our barn got used to the chemical ingredients used in this and the ultra shield.

Pros: Cons:
 none •   Chemicals

•   Doesn’t keep flies away

•   Leaking nozzle

•   Small bottle

Verdict: I am personally not a fan of this fly spray but I know many who still use it. After trying the others out, I have found a safer alternative (Veredus defender)

I hope this helps you guys in finding the right fly spray for your horse. A big thanks again to eQuestri for giving me the great opportunity to test them out 😀



Essentials to Keeping Your Horse Barefoot

Tofino transitioned to going barefoot about 5 years ago due to the fact that his hooves were too short. My farrier suggested removing his shoes and letting his hooves grow out. This did take time and proper care but we managed to get them to a good state to the point where my farrier said he actually doesn’t need to be shod again.

Note: Some horses medically need to be shod and is not safe for them to go barefoot. Check with your Vet & Farrier beforehand.

1. Diet

I was recommended by the farrier to put Tofino on Farriers Formula (double strength) which is a supplement you add to the feed in order to get the right nutrients for hoof strength and growth.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 1.32.09 PM

Once we started using Reverdy Feed (Adult Specific), I stopped using the above supplement as the feed covers a lot of nutrients that are enough to maintain not only his hooves but his full body which makes it a lot easier as I do not need any additional supplements. The general rule for the barefoot diet is low sugar, high fibre and forage.


2. Trim & Maintenance

As hooves got stronger and bigger, I decided to keep them as is and just trim them every 6weeks as the hooves are naturally shock absorb and flex with your horses movement.

Every horse needs to be trimmed a specific way depending on how they move and and naturally shaped. Tofino gets a regular “Mustang roll” but he also used to get a “white line trim” as he had white line.



3. Desensitize

Always expose your horse to new grounds whether it be gravel, asphalt, sand, rubber etc. This helps the hooves to “desensitize” and get used to multiple surfaces. That being said, if you are still at the beginning stages, I would avoid gravel and allow your horse to wear a hoof boot if you need to cross in order to prevent excessive breakage and cracking.

4. Exercise

The more your horse moves around, the better blood flow there is to the hoof and the body. This enhances growth and healing. Turning out your horse as much as possible would help not only for movement but also exposure to surfaces.

(photo by Axelle Talma/@popthepony)

5. Protection

Wet hooves = brittle hooves = prone to fungal infections. It is best to avoid turning out your horse when it’s wet and muddy, but if need be, then look for a water repellent.

There are a number of hoof protectors out there that repel water, but I personally use Plus Vital which not only is a water repellent naturally, but also helps the hooves grow strong and I have noticed a major difference while using it.

  plus vital

If your horses hooves are very brittle I would suggest you try Keratex Hoof Hardener which also really helped the transition.


Hope this helps 🙂
Is your horse shod or barefoot?

Eskadron Neoprene Bell Boots [REVIEW]

I have been on the hunt for some protective overreach/bell boots for a while now, and I think I finally found the perfect ones! [IMPORTANCE OF OVERREACH BOOTS]

I reviewed the Schockemoehle overreach, which I love for normal everyday work, but they don’t seem to be very protective for jumping or eventing etc. I was recommended by a friend to try out the Eskadron ones from Gulf Rider Store here in the UAE.

Synthetic Leather outer and lined with soft, smooth 5.5mm neoprene. Double Velcro fastening. Extremely tear proof and hard wearing.


Firstly, they fit really nicely and are super soft, yet feel very tough. I got the brown colour in medium size. It is lined with black which is actually nice as it can go with black tendon boots too.

IMG_3904  IMG_3906[back on track boots]   

I have been using them consistently for the past 2 months and they don’t show any sign of wear or tear. They do obviously get dirty, but are super easy to clean. They have gone through mud, dirty, desert, puddles and still look really well!

They do bend with your horses movements without causing rubs. Sizing wise, they fit true to size in my opinion as Tofino is always a Medium. Double check the size chart above however for your horse.

  DSC_0477 [Photos by Axelle Talma/popthepony]

I love how sleek, yet protective they are. They are super lightweight too which is always a plus. Tofino hasn’t gotten any bruises on his hooves since wearing these bell boots. They do retail at a higher price range, but you can get them discounted at sales for about 160aed/ 44US$.

DSC_0126 [Photo by Axelle Talma/popthepony]

Pros: Cons:


•  Soft

•  Durable

•  Tough

•  weather resistant

•   Colour + size options

•   Pricey but can be purchased discounted


Verdict: I would definitely recommend these overreach boots. I am so glad that I was encouraged to get them as they are super protective and lightweight.