Eskadron Neoprene Bell Boots [REVIEW]

I have been on the hunt for some protective overreach/bell boots for a while now, and I think I finally found the perfect ones! [IMPORTANCE OF OVERREACH BOOTS]

I reviewed the Schockemoehle overreach, which I love for normal everyday work, but they don’t seem to be very protective for jumping or eventing etc. I was recommended by a friend to try out the Eskadron ones from Gulf Rider Store here in the UAE.

Synthetic Leather outer and lined with soft, smooth 5.5mm neoprene. Double Velcro fastening. Extremely tear proof and hard wearing.


Firstly, they fit really nicely and are super soft, yet feel very tough. I got the brown colour in medium size. It is lined with black which is actually nice as it can go with black tendon boots too.

IMG_3904  IMG_3906[back on track boots]   

I have been using them consistently for the past 2 months and they don’t show any sign of wear or tear. They do obviously get dirty, but are super easy to clean. They have gone through mud, dirty, desert, puddles and still look really well!

They do bend with your horses movements without causing rubs. Sizing wise, they fit true to size in my opinion as Tofino is always a Medium. Double check the size chart above however for your horse.

  DSC_0477 [Photos by Axelle Talma/popthepony]

I love how sleek, yet protective they are. They are super lightweight too which is always a plus. Tofino hasn’t gotten any bruises on his hooves since wearing these bell boots. They do retail at a higher price range, but you can get them discounted at sales for about 160aed/ 44US$.

DSC_0126 [Photo by Axelle Talma/popthepony]

Pros: Cons:


•  Soft

•  Durable

•  Tough

•  weather resistant

•   Colour + size options

•   Pricey but can be purchased discounted


Verdict: I would definitely recommend these overreach boots. I am so glad that I was encouraged to get them as they are super protective and lightweight. 

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