5 Ways to Engage Your Horse’s Hind

One of the important muscles that a horse needs for a healthy body is strong hind quarters as they act as a “spring box”.

The first factor to consider before trying to develop your horse’s body is to make sure they are receiving a proper diet with enough nutrients to help develop and maintain muscle tone. Tofino is luckily sponsored by Cavalos Equine Care & Supplies for Reverdy Feed which has been working amazingly for him thankfully ❤

Here are some 4 tips to help engage your horse’s hind:


  1. Hill work: As mentioned above, this is the easiest way to help your horse gain hind strength. Going up and down hill in walk and trot is enough without having to canter (safer not to).
  2. Transitions: Try transitioning often and smoothly while being active. This helps the horse control and balance their body.
  3. Cavaletti/Ground poles: Raised poles or even ground poles not only help to better balance your horse but also allows them to strengthen their body by lifting up and down. Concentrate on the action rather than the height, making sure your horse pick themselves up.
  4. Rein Back: Try going back in small steps between exercises, and even up a hill to help engage the hind. Make sure your horse properly reins back without dropping their back so they use themselves correctly.
  5. Stretch: Movements that help to lengthen the back limbs help create the subtleness to work well, balance, and develop strong muscles.

IMG_6746Hope this helps 🙂

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