Saddle Pad Collection

I have written a few reviews of some saddle pads but have decided to show you my saddle pad collection. It isn’t very versatile at the moment but here it goes:

1. Cavalleria Toscana Technical Saddle Pad:

I have 2 of these in both white, and Navy which I have reviewed previously. Both were purchased from Cavalos Equine Care & supplies and I absolutely love this saddle pad as it is lightweight, antibacterial and cooling. I use the Navy most of the time (sorry it’s a little dirty as it needs to be washed), and the white, I obviously keep only for shows 🙂

FullSizeRender-2  FullSizeRender-9

2. Veredus Jumping Pad:

This saddle pad has also been reviewed previous, and is one of my favourites. I use it mostly for the cooler months as it is a little thicker, but it does have moisture wicking properties that do work. It grips well and doesn’t allow the saddle or the pad itself to slide.

3. Horze ChooZe Saddle Pad:

I used to use this for shows before I got my CT pad. It was a sudden purchase as I needed a white pad and it did not disappoint. It is very thin and sturdy, but has no special features, however, it is well worth the price.


4. Anna Scarpati Jumping Pad:

This is the first saddle pad I ever purchased. I used to use it on a daily basis for the first 6 months and it did hold up somewhat okay. The material is a little heavy and clumsy for my liking, and scrunches up a lot. I absolutely love the colour and design though.

5. Fouganza Schooling Pad:

Very simple saddle pad for a great price which I have reviewed previously. This is an all purpose pad, but I found that it is a little small for jumping saddles with forward flaps as mine is. I do like this as an extra pad, but i don’t use it often anymore.


6. Bridleway Jumping Pad:

To be honest, I have literally only used this once! I love it, and the way it looks, but I cannot speak for durability or performance. It is a thin pad that has wither clearance with sheepskin protection for your horse. I got it custom made with Tofino’s name as you can see below.


So as you can see, I am into very neutral colours for Tofino, however, I am eyeing the Cavalleria Toscana Red Hot saddle pad ❤


What’s your favourite saddle pad?

Cavalleria Toscana Technical Jumping Saddle Pad [REVIEW]

Cavalleria Toscana is one of my favourite Equestrian brands due to their classic and unique designs. Last year, I managed to purchase 2 of their saddle pads (1 navy, 1 white) from Cavalos Equine Care & Supplies, and I have been using them religiously!IMG_2889

They come in multiple colours, from white, black, red, navy, blue, green, grey, maroon etc. I couldn’t upload a photo as the CT website is down at the moment but will be sure to update as soon as it’s back.


  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Anti-UV
  • Breathable
  • Easy Care
  • Fast Drying
  • Bi-Stretch

I have to admit, the material feels very soft and luxurious. It by far has the best “feel” over any saddle pad I have seen. The detailing is simple and sleek with contrast binding border along with billet straps. The stitching is very well except for some parts where it is a tiny bit loose. That being said, I never had anything fall off.

Note: All photos below are taken by my good friend Axelle Talma (@popthepony)

Tucci Boots // Free Jump // CT Gloves // Thinline // Passier breastplate // EC breeches

The pad only has the CT logo on the left side, leaving the right side free which I personally prefer in case one wishes to customise. The saddle pad is very breathable and never overheats the horse’s back. It is a slim pad, which again, I prefer as my saddle is custom fit to my horse.


It does tend to scrunch up every now and then on some rides, and I am not sure whether it’s due to the bi stretch material or simply friction, as it only happens when we jump or go up/down dunes. This isn’t a major issue for me to be honest and I still love this pad, especially for hot weather.


Pros: Cons:

•  Thin

•  Multiple colour options

•   Bi-Stretch

•  Anti-Bacterial

•  Classic Design

•   Expensive

•   Scrunches sometimes

•   Stitching is a bit loose in some areas

Verdict: I think this saddle pad is my favourite alongside the Veredus. I would definitely recommend it in a heartbeat! It is very cooling, lightweight, easy to clean and maintain i absolutely love it!

If you are interested in the Cavalleria Toscana Saddle pad, and other items, be sure to contact them at Cavalos Equine Care & Supplies,  009712-2222-433 or email them at ; they would be more than happy to assist you ❤