Cavalleria Toscana Technical Jumping Saddle Pad [REVIEW]

Cavalleria Toscana is one of my favourite Equestrian brands due to their classic and unique designs. Last year, I managed to purchase 2 of their saddle pads (1 navy, 1 white) from Cavalos Equine Care & Supplies, and I have been using them religiously!IMG_2889

They come in multiple colours, from white, black, red, navy, blue, green, grey, maroon etc. I couldn’t upload a photo as the CT website is down at the moment but will be sure to update as soon as it’s back.


  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Anti-UV
  • Breathable
  • Easy Care
  • Fast Drying
  • Bi-Stretch

I have to admit, the material feels very soft and luxurious. It by far has the best “feel” over any saddle pad I have seen. The detailing is simple and sleek with contrast binding border along with billet straps. The stitching is very well except for some parts where it is a tiny bit loose. That being said, I never had anything fall off.

Note: All photos below are taken by my good friend Axelle Talma (@popthepony)

Tucci Boots // Free Jump // CT Gloves // Thinline // Passier breastplate // EC breeches

The pad only has the CT logo on the left side, leaving the right side free which I personally prefer in case one wishes to customise. The saddle pad is very breathable and never overheats the horse’s back. It is a slim pad, which again, I prefer as my saddle is custom fit to my horse.


It does tend to scrunch up every now and then on some rides, and I am not sure whether it’s due to the bi stretch material or simply friction, as it only happens when we jump or go up/down dunes. This isn’t a major issue for me to be honest and I still love this pad, especially for hot weather.


Pros: Cons:

•  Thin

•  Multiple colour options

•   Bi-Stretch

•  Anti-Bacterial

•  Classic Design

•   Expensive

•   Scrunches sometimes

•   Stitching is a bit loose in some areas

Verdict: I think this saddle pad is my favourite alongside the Veredus. I would definitely recommend it in a heartbeat! It is very cooling, lightweight, easy to clean and maintain i absolutely love it!

If you are interested in the Cavalleria Toscana Saddle pad, and other items, be sure to contact them at Cavalos Equine Care & Supplies,  009712-2222-433 or email them at ; they would be more than happy to assist you ❤

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